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21 February 2014


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Its amazing how much the media warps what's going on in order to shove it neatly into a box they've already made. Case in point I heard BBC talking about how police snipers were shooting "innocent protestors", completely ignoring the fact that these protestors were throwing molotovs at riot lines.


Charles I

"talks falter", that's putting an optimistic spin on it.

Leaves me still wondering about the Saudis and grovelling output tho facts on the ground may preclude much more pointless chicanery.


Today a colleague mentioned something about that Russia trying to get their fingers on Kiev.

I replied that, given the language and the fact that Kiev was once the capital of the Rus empire, the city was not all that unrussian.

... and with 'Ah, well, yes ...' the conversation died.



Oh it gets reported, they just bury the lead:


The ship Assad's chemical weapons are suppposed to be deliverd to didn't arrive in Spain until Tuesday the 13th. What they've done for the past eight days isn't reported.

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