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03 February 2014


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David Habakkuk

The beaver,

Disseminating the recording marks 'a new low in Russian tradecraft', according to the State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

A longer version of her remarks than that contained in the snippet in the BBC report is at http://rt.com/news/nuland-phone-chat-ukraine-927/

What does she think is going on in the Ukraine? A fencing match at a lady's finishing school?


David Habakkuk

"A fencing match at a ladies finishing school" Very good and very like. The whole crew of R2P gals appear to suffer from a "I was the smartest and prettiest girl in the class" syndrome. Too much Ivy "endured" with the attention of professors who were more tolerant than they would have been if they had possessed poorer eyesight. In regards to Nuland's (Mrs. Kagan) astonishment that the Russians would intercept a "private diplomatic" phone call, this is amusing in the extreme. When she was mouth piece for State she must have had the appropriate clearance to read such intercepts all the time. Are we to believe that she did not think the Russians were capable? pl

The Twisted Genius

David Habakkuk,

I found that comment about "a new low in Russian tradecraft" by Jen Psaki to be particularly hilarious. On the contrary, putting out that YouTube video was a brilliant move by the Russians, so much more effective than keeping the recorded conversation secret. It truly shows how the diplomatic sausage is made and paints our diplomats as a manipulative, bullying lot. I'm sure the Russians are just as, if not more so, manipulative and bullying, but it's our diplomats on the YouTube video. Touché!


Mr. Habakkuk,

I've noticed that many of the US stories have cut the exact details of what was being discussed, focusing on the "F--- the EU!" bit and not that the US is again manipulating the rioters in the Ukraine. I had to get that from Zerohedge.

The irony of Psaki looking for a place to faint is that the NSA HAS BEEN DOING THE SAME THING FOR HOW MANY YEAR?!


I imagine it can get rather Appalachian out here in short order if business is not handled. There's several dogs that I've counted which people let run wild. Its open season as far as I'm concerned.

"Weaponizing the rooster" hah. That's got a good turn of phrase to it. Tell your wife she made me laugh with that as well.


That might be worthwhile - I could see you doing it with a frame of 2X4s that you've stretched chicken wire over, and then training the vines to run in the right direction. You'd need a soil bed attached though if you really wanted to have them serve a dual purpose though. I might end up giving it a shot because I love that kind of natural architecture.

David Habakkuk


There must have been a tradeoff – between the very clear advantages of leaking this particular conversation, and also that between German diplomats which was also leaked, and the costs involved in making clear that certain kinds of communications were vulnerable.

Is it clear, incidentally, what kind of communications are at issue? Was this a landline, or could it have been a cellphone communication? In either case, one would have thought that major questions might be raised about the security of a range of U.S. diplomatic communications.

As to who was responsible, it would seem overwhelmingly likely that the Russians were very heavily involved. Indeed, this may simply have been an FSB, or SVR, or GRU operation. However, I have long thought that the Ukrainian KGB must have split, very likely in very odd ways, after the country became independent.

Hazarding a guess, the SBU may have a large element of ancient chaos in it, and there are probably a lot of people whose loyalties are uncertain, often even to themselves. Also, money always talks, and is liable to do so with particularly force in poor and dislocated countries.

On the broader implications, one of the things which frightens me is well brought out by Colonel Lang’s response to my comment. Not just the State Department R2P ‘Amazons’, but many others, both in the United States and Europe, are attempting to play Machiavellian ‘realpolitik’, from an incredibly narrow basis of knowledge and experience.

In addition, they are infused with a fanatical belief in their own virtue – not on the whole a good basis for playing Machiavellian games.


From a previous post I learned that you had an interest in keeping bees. I am not much of an agrarian. However, I am an engineer and thought that you might enjoy this article and the web site devoted to bees and gadgets:

There is a link to an interesting site within the article, http://www.beehacker.com/wp/. I love the term bee hacker.



Col Lang,
I found a quote for our R2P proponents:

"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not – nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not – unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not – the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘press on’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race."
— Calvin Coolidge
(Copied from MENTAL PROPOLIS at http://www.beehacker.com/wp/, 02/07/2014 13:20)

I prefer the George Smileys of this world.


Charles I

Thanks FB, gratitude is what I feel. Absent faith, its what I feel I should feel. Which is about as close to Grace as I feel I'm likely to get, never mind Wisdom., in which I defer to you, our host and the committee of correspondence in the whole. thank you all

Medicine Man

Charles: I'd like to second FB Ali's comment. Thank you for your candor.


Charles I

You are a dear friend and a valued member of this community. That is all that I need to say about this. pl


Charles I,

I have a couple of siblings involved in the same struggle, and one no longer with us. Keep up the good fight.

The Twisted Genius

David Habakkuk,

I just read a report that our diplomats were speaking on commercial cell phones rather than any kind of secure phone. Their pomposity got the best of them. They could not inconvenience themselves to use a secure landline or even secure cellphones. Those secure cellphones are available, but they're a real pain to use. Arrogance and a total lack of discipline. It seems there was no tradeoff of any kind for the Russians. I would say it was a no brainer to post that video on YouTube.

You are absolutely right about the incredibly narrow basis of knowledge and experience of the R2P Amazons and their fanatical belief in their own virtue. They're a dangerous lot prime for a stupendous fall.

Alba Etie

Charles I
Remember first principals - clean house & help others :one day at a time . We can take our conversation off line if you wish to - before we get reminded that SST is not a bulletin board .

Alba Etie

I do a fair amount of corporate passenger transfers at Whole Foods Market Corporate Headquarters here in Austin . Out front during the summer there is a large plot of Mint that gets very thick as it is watered a great deal . The bees get in to the Mint in large numbers . I actually pick the mint ( you are encouraged to ) and crush a sprig in my coffee. BTW Mr John Mackey, one of the founders of Whole Foods Market is a huge supporter of Rand Paul . That too me is one of the biggest ironies I know . Regarding the peppers one of our neighbors has crossed her red bell peppers with scotch bonnets - that particularly combination makes a terrific spicy hot sauce .

David Habakkuk


Yes. It is the primness of these people which scares the living daylights out of me.

There is an entry in Wikipedia entitled ‘Controversy surrounding the Lviv pogroms of 1941.’ The brute truth of the matter is that once Hitler disturbed what was already a fragile status quo in the area, conditions were created in which all kinds of people killed all other kinds of people.

(See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Controversy_surrounding_the_Lviv_pogroms_of_1941 )

It did not start then. Ukrainian nationalists were happily murdering Polish policemen in the late Thirties, and Stepan Bandera’s collaboration with the Nazis was well established before the German attack on the Soviet Union.

The wife of someone who I have known for more than thirty years grew up in Stryy, which is not far from Lviv. She said that there was a mound, under which everyone knew were the remains of the Jews murdered in the pogrom after the Soviets retreated in the face of the German advance. Under concrete poured in a cellar in the police headquarters were the remains of the Ukrainian nationalists whom the NKVD shot before they pulled out. The Ukrainian nationalists will sometimes try to tell you that they were not fully complicit, if not rather more than that, in Nazi atrocities. But that is BS.

If you talk to very many people from that part of the world, they have a vivid sense of the atrocities committed against them – and resort to the normal human process of denial in relation to the atrocities their group committed.

Somehow, people in that part of the world have to find a way of moving onwards. If simpering female Ivy League graduates want to regard the politics of the Ukraine in black and white terms, they are not helping this process – but are making it immensely more difficult.


Just want to let you know this website is insane in a good way. Thanks for sharing!



"Insane?" Interesting. Please elucidate. pl

William R. Cumming

TTG! Any suggestions where I might acquire the same H&R .22LR you did?

Live in NNK of Virginia and no felony convictions or arrests.

William R. Cumming

This story conforms with my memory! Rogovin was nephew of Mortimer Caplan, tax lawyer, once head of IRS and preparer of Kennedy family tax returns. When he became Commissioner of IRS had Rogovin appointed Chief Counsel of IRS!



I would call SST a cyber isle of lucidity.

It helps to know that there are others throughout the world with Soul.

The Twisted Genius


I inherited my H&R model 999 Sportsman. It's a pre-WWII model. I don't see any of them advertised in any current searches. All I see are from a few years ago. I suggest contacting a good "old timey" gun shop in your area and see if they can locate one. You could also inquire at one our many gun shows in Virginia. Putting a wanted ad on one of the websites like Virginia Gun Trader (vaguntrader.com) is another possibility. Beyond that, you're on your own.


Lighter rounds & more of them, apparently. I don't agree with the doctrine, but that's the reasoning trotted out.



The beehacking website was insane, as in "I cannot believe they are doing this because that is very wild and unorthodox." As an amateur apiarist, I found it interesting how they were leveraging technology.

Also the Winter War Finn/Russian casualties (70k v 330K) are friggin nuts to comprehend, especially when you consider the relative equipment levels of the Finns.

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