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03 February 2014


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I agree. Pilots, navigators, and all the rest had to have some cojones in order not only agree to that, but also to repeatedly perform the mission. But I guess you do what you have to when the ROE says you can't pre-emptively shoot down SAM sites because you might kill a Russian trainer.

I'd like some good Soviet non fiction about the air war from their perspective as well. And you're right about the Finns - that Winter War casualty comparison is insane.


Thanks Fred. I'll have a look for them tonight.


Lord Curzon,

One would think Amir Ayman would have done better due diligence before issuing a charter, one never knows when a franchisee may try a hostile take over. Though in fairness to him, the end of month reports may have been due and the compound's generator was running low on fuel so an expedited acceptance was just what the doctor ordered.

Allen Thomson

pl and others who may want to reply

Could you give us your thoughts on the merits of handguns in the smaller calibers, say 9mm /.38 and below? Obviously there's a lot of situational dependence involved, but any general thoughts?



.38 Special revolvers are my favorite handguns for the range. They are comfortable to shoot. Not too much recoil. I have several. I have never owned a 9mm pistol and an unfamiliar with them. In large handguns I prefer the .45 ACP round and think that the army should have stayed with the 1911A1 in an updated version with a larger magazine capacity. I am a fan of small pocket pistols for concealed carry purposes. As I said I have a Keltec .32. It weighs half a pound loaded. I also have a Ruger TCP in .380. It is only a little bit bigger. IMO if a gun is too big or heavy you will not carry it. .32 and.380 are deadly in the hands of a skilled shooter if you carry hollow point ammunition in them. pl



MS is really two distinct regions. The coast is a very pleasant place. The interior of MS is a very different place. pl

Alba Etie

Col Lang
Fond memories of our Ford Crown Victoria station wagon family vacation trips from Houston to Destin - with a layover at Pass Christian on the way to & from . Back in those days you could still camp on the beach . And yes anywhere north of Yazoo Ms is 'a very different place " . And as a sidebar I always thought Gov Barbour did a good job in Mississippi , especially with the hurricane relief money.

John Minnerath

9mm semis are all pretty weak and can't handle much more than the powder puff factory loads.
We should never have adopted the 9mm as the issue service sidearm.
And going with Beretta?, they make fine guns, but puleeze!
The Beretta is built on a John Browning design, we're a nation of gun builders, many of the finest guns around the world today are from designs of American gun makers.

Revolvers as a rule are heavier than a lot of semi autos, but some of the new alloy frame models are light as a feather, too light IMO and hard to control after the first shot.

For a sidearm carried as self defense you need to think about how it will probably be used. Up close and personal most likely and stacking shots in the 10 ring won't be your main priority.

different clue

I remember reading years ago that whereas if you go without air conditioning in the summer in Mississippi you suffer discomfort, in Maine if you go without heat (wood/coal/gas/propane/oil) in the winter, you die. So the price of heat can not be avoided in Maine. And after that survival expense is deducted, the remaining average income was lower in Maine than in Mississippi.

Medicine Man

Lord Curzon:


Medicine Man

Tyler: I second that about the Finns. Outnumbered 12-to-1 with ammunition for about 60 days of fighting. The Soviets figured it would be over in 10 days. Three months later they had suffered 300,000 casualties. I've read that the Finnish soldiers intentionally carried weapons that used the same ammo as the Russians so they could re-arm in the field after battle.

They were (and are) a very hardened bunch. I've read a little bit about how the Germans relied on them for training in arctic warfare too.



So the people of Mississippi value God more than a GPA and a bank account? Good for them. We could all learn something from that.


Well here is more disgraceful conduct happening, now it's the Navy:


I went through the navy nuclear power program at the height of the cold war and served on multiple submarines. Unlike academic cheating advancing those in prototype engineering training is even worse. It is the actual ability to function in a crisis submerged at sea that is the most dangerous time. If you can't cut it in training you need to be assigned elsewhere. These instructors and their commanders need to spend time in the naval brig right down the road, then be given a BCD.



I have several handguns, and the issue for me comes down to how concealable it is. In Arizona, you stand out if you wear a jacket when its 90+ degrees outside, so for about half the year that option is out. My duty carry firearm is an H&K P2000 chambered in Federal .40, and I'm not a huge fan of it. It also has a tendency to jam if you reflex shoot. There's really no way you're going to scabbard carry it and be concealable, so its an inside the belt holster.

My preferred personal carry is a Makarov, the true one chambered in 9X18. I keep it loaded with Golden Bear hollow points, and I have no doubt it'll do its job.

I'd also throw in that the firearm is only half of the equation. You should train for a shoot situation and develop an idea of how you might respond to a variety of situations where you might have to utilize your pistol. Active shooter, close in mugger, home invasion, and flash mobs will all have different responses and optimal solutions.


Speaking of the Finns, I might end up getting a Suomi for my birthday coming up and SBR it with one of the parts kits that are floating around. I love the idea of a 9mm subgun that weighs twelve pounds for some reason.


We've had a run of warm weather here and I have the feeling Spring has already kicked Winter out on its ass here in Arizona.

This weekend saw me building a strawberry tower for the wife (directions here: http://bonnieplants.com/library/how-to-build-a-strawberry-pyramid/ ) and filling up the raised bed to plant heirloom tomatoes, bell & jalapeno peppers, zucchini, and squash along with the strawberries and onions. Hopefully we'll be able to get a few harvests out of the strawberries before the heat hits.

Our broccoli and lettuce is doing well, but the chickens got behind the wire and reaped the lettuce. I'll be working next weekend on getting some wood and getting rid of the chicken wire (which looks a bit cheap) and putting down panels & posts to make a true garden area.

different clue

Here is an interesting blogpost about a very recent Edward Snowden interview. It is mostly about how the several links where the blogger at first found/saw the interview were blacked out or DDOSd as fast as somebody could do so. No US media have mentioned it or will do so.
The comments thread has some interesting comments speculating on "who and why". It also has many people offering multiple other links to the interview video and/or transcripts of same in the spirit of " post more links faster than someone can take down or black out or DDOS".

The Twisted Genius


The best advice I can give you is take your time, keep an open mind and try as many as you can. Wait until you find one that truly makes you smile.

I'm most familiar with the 1911A1. I led the winning combat pistol team in the 25th Div competition in 78. Also took the rapid fire match. I recently acquired a pre-WWII H&R model 999 Sportsman in 22LR. It's a nice looking top break, 9 shot revolver with sights rivaling the best competition target sights. I fell in love with it the first time I fired it. If Colonel Lang and Basilisk are willing to function as FO and FDC, I'd like to see what I can do with the Sportsman at 100 yards. I was able to bust barely blown up surgical gloves at 75 meters standing with the 1911A1 years ago.

SAC Brat

Pardini USA recently started offering their SP target pistol in 32 ACP along with the more traditional 32 S&W for Center Fire competition. Handloaders have been working up 50 yard loads, but several have found that good box ammo, such as Hornady is competitive (less than 3 inch ten shot groups from a machine rest).

When I get a chance between 10 meter air pistol and Bullseye seasons I plan to shoot a 38 snubnose at 25 and 50 yards and see if I can stay on paper.

John Minnerath

Tomatoes, peppers, strawberries !!!
I guess Arizona has a few advantages :)
We just broke some low temp records for the date.
At my house, 6000 feet, I had minus 28, upriver from me at 7000 the thermometers were reading 35 below.
At least when it gets that cold here we don't usually get much wind!


I thought that would be interesting, so I tracked down some facts.

States with the highest percentage of minorities.

1. Texas
2. California
3. New Mexico
4. Hawaii
5. Georgia
6. Nevada
7. Florida
8. Arizona
9. New York
10. New Jersey

Source: US Census 2010

States that are the most religious:

1. Mississippi
2. Utah
3. Alabama
4. Louisiana
5. South Carolina
6. Tennessee
7. Georgia
8. Arkansas
9. North Carolina
10. Oklahoma

Source: Gallup

States with highest levels of poverty:

1. Mississippi
2. West Virginia
3. Arkansas
4. Kentucky
5. Alabama
6. Tennessee
7. Louisiana
8. New Mexico
9. South Carolina
10. Oklahoma

Source: US Census 2010

This shows there is at best a weak correlation between percentage of minorities and religion. Only 1 state makes the top 10 of those lists, Georgia. Same thing for minorities and poverty. Only New Mexico makes both lists. On the other hand, there is a strong correlation between poverty and religion. 7 of the top 10 are on both of those lists.

These are just stats, however. Their interpretation I leave to you.

steve g


Sorry your are not impressed with your
H&K. I fired the H&Kp7m8 at a local
gun range years ago and found it to
be the best 9 I have ever shot. Very
expensive at the time. It is the
"squeeze cocker" model many will re-
member from the original Bruce Willis
Die Hard movie. Alan Rickman the villian
used it. It is a gas operated blowback
system not spring recoil. The ergonomics
make you grip it tightly to shoot. Almost
like a big .22 as virtually no recoil
because of the gas venting. The New Jersey
Police carried at one time. I have a
SigSauer P225 also a short barrel at 9mm.
I prefer the single column version of any
semi-auto as accuracy trumps volume. Had
the original 10mm Delta Elite. The second
shot accuracy was very poor with the 200
grain ammo. The main reason the 40S&W was
invented, a downsized 10mm with less recoil.


Correction: that's states with the lowest income levels.



Thanks. That is very good advice and just what I plan on doing. I like the 1911A1, though the last time I fired one I was still on active duty. Submariners aren’t known for marksmanship with pistols, but it was a fun day at the range. (One’s depth perception goes to hell pretty quick at sea – even driving when you get back in port can be hazardous - at least until your eyesight gets back to normal after a few days.)


Since I've got the stats in front of me, I'll run through them. First, Maine is a geographic income outlier. It may be in the Northeast, but it's in the lower half of income in the US (31st), whereas the rest of New England is significantly higher. Maine's median household income is 45,734. The median household income in Mississippi is 36,646. (2009). I live in the Northeast, and $9,000 a year for heat seems a bit much for a house a family making 45K a year would own, but perhaps someone who lives there can enlighten us. This would certainly not hold for any of Maine's neighbors (of course, if you throw in taxes, you might have a much stronger argument).

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