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03 February 2014


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If anyone is selling a 1911 .45, I'm looking to buy. Prefer Para-Ordnance or Springfield with a 5 inch barrel and single stack magazine.

SAC Brat

A quality versus quantity argument? In Len Deighton's novel "Billion Dollar Brain" a Soviet colonel complains of the Finns infiltrating the lines and even eating in the Soviet mess tents and all the snipers.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simo_H%C3%A4yh%C3%A4 Supposedly a winter sniper technique was to keep a mouthful of snow to keep the exhaled breathe from showing.

It makes one wonder if the non-fiction accounts are in the "No one will ever believe this stuff" category, like what we get a glimpse of here on our host's site.

William R. Cumming

Thanks TTG!

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