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03 February 2014


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So much for all that extra security at the Super Bowl…

9/11 truther: How I sneaked into Super Bowl XLVIII -- and hijacked the postgame show http://www.nj.com/super-bowl/index.ssf/2014/02/super_bowl_2014_911_truther_says_he_snuck_into_metlefe_stadium.html

William R. Cumming

PL and others with MENA experience and expertise! Given what I view as largely adverse outcomes to the US short and long interests, and Israeli intrangience, where should US FP in MENA go from here?

SAC Brat

Did Thud Ridge raise your blood pressure? I found a few more you may like:
"Stuka Pilot" by Hans Rudel
"Zero" by Okumiya/Horikoshi/Caidin
"Japanese Destroyer Captain" by Tameichi Hara

Medicine Man

Phillip Seymour Hoffman died on Sunday. Only 46 years old. Way too young to go. Its too bad because I thought he was a fine actor.



Thud Ridge was good, but I found it to be a little obtuse and unwieldy. I was hoping for "Steel My Soldiers' Hearts" from the cockpit of a Phantom, and some of that bled through but I think a good editor would have really helped.

However, the point that the Air Force suffered from the same delusional high command as the Army was clearly illustrated for me. It was an interesting read. Thank you for "War from the Black Hole" - I found that to be communicated much more clearly even with the author prone to go on technical tangents for chapter at a time.

I'll be sure to check out those books as well. Do you have any recommendations for non fiction/biography about the Wild Weasels in Vietnam? The story behind the motto of YGBSM never fails to crack me.


Same. Good night sweet prince.

The beaver

Me too.
I like him from the start- especially in "Scent of a woman" rich school brat and then in "The Talented Mr Ripley' Really loved him in Charlie Wilson.

The demons came back after 20 yrs.

ex-PFC Chuck

He also did an awesome portrayal of the priest who was behaving suspiciously in "Doubt."



Keep your eyes open for "The Terrible Hours" by Peter Maas. A great read, as is "Thunder Below" by Eugene Fluckey.



Any pistol recommendations? I've been thinking about obtaining a replacement for my 7mm beretta, along with a CCL.

SAC Brat

I'll do some digging, as I think I have something, either F-105 or F-4 Wild Weasels. The whole premise of drawing fire before starting an attack wigs me out. Stainless steel rocks that drag and make sparks... I think "War from the Black Hole" covered ECM pretty well. Imagine having to sit there and let SAMs fly up through your formation while hoping the jamming equipment was doing its job?

Got anything from the Soviet Union, air or ground? Something has to have been translated. There is some amazing history over there that was ignored or twisted during the Cold War. The Finns are also a interesting bunch.

Medicine Man

Col.: I recently watched House of Cards. I remember you mentioning that you thoroughly enjoyed this show. I'm curious though, how close is the politicking depicted to real life Washington DC?



The verisimilitude seems incredible to me. That's the real deal. pl



I have a lot of pistols. I carry a keltec P-32 as a welcome for various folk who do not like me. .32 in Hydrashock does it for me, but then I am a good shot and will not hesitate to defend myself and mine. pl

Alba Etie

The Beaver,
One truth many of us know in this life is that those "demons" can be incredibly persistent & pernicious even after a twenty year slumber . Mr Hoffman had so many brilliant performances, I liked every one of them .

Lord Curzon


Al-Qaida disavowed ISIS in Syria. The Judean People's Front is fighting the People's Front of Judea!


John Minnerath

Fred is your Beretta the M1934 380ACP?
Supposed to be one of the most dependable and indestructible semi autos ever made.

I'm still a die hard revolver guy and can't give up my S&W's in 357 Mag.

William Fitzgerald

Pat Lang,

On Yahoo today, Mississippi was ranked as the most religious state in the union, with its close neighbors right behind. Is it not an interesting correlation that it perennially ranks right at the bottom in education, median and average income, nutrition, life expectancy, and obesity?




It was a 7mm. Lost that one in a divorce. I was thinking a 380 as a replacement, or a revolver. Just haven't decided which.


Thanks Pat. I'll have to get to a range and try one out.

Edward Amame

I'm probably late to the party but just became aware that the Menendez legislative effort to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal lost enough Democratic support that it now appears to be in limbo since it's no longer veto-proof.


And Gillibrand crossed Schumer and is backing off too.


what's the weather like down under this time of year? I've got a good chance of being sent there by the powers at be for an extended assignment. (Nothing like crisis management for a career)


Forgive me, when a person has the supreme privilege of practising their beloved craft-for every actor or director working there are thousands more that are more talented but drive cabs and live a life that is their worst nightmare- and also being responsible for children, yet choose to live and die like an ameba... no sweet prince 'ere just absolute weakness.

Edward Amame

Here's more on why the bill stalled: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/04/world/middleeast/potent-pro-israel-group-finds-its-momentum-blunted.html?hp&_r=0

The Times suggests that Aipac overreached, and that there's disagreement in the ranks over tactics. Plus, Clinton threw her support to Obama and against Schumer and company.


The state also has the most amount of minorities in the Union.

Cross reference demographics and see what pops up.

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