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22 February 2014


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Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading it as soon as it arrives.

Although I have never been to Pakistan, in my decades of travel to India I have met many people who have family in both countries. The general sense I got from the Indians I met (mostly business people) is that the discord between Pakistan & India is only because of the narrow political interests of certain influential groups on both sides, and that there is no real enmity between the people since they are the same family.

Charles I

Thanks FB for my copy, making its way to the top of the stack.

Maureen Lang

After re-reading Prison Journey in anticipation of assisting FB publish an Athenaeum post showcasing it, may I say (as also did on the Athenaeum thread) that his memoir is not only a compelling page turner, but profoundly moving on a personal level.

Very happy that FB was persuaded by family and friends to, at long last, tell the story of those turbulent times.

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