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24 February 2014


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nick b

I think the face healthcare, and the laws around it will look substantially different five years from now. It could just as easily be that no state will be bound to any of the current statutes as not. It could be a political change. It could be a miracle of medicine. I couldn't say for sure. All I am confident of is change itself. In the meantime, if the money is there for the taking, I say take it. That's just me. I see your point.


Nick b, it could be that no state whould be bound by statute? So we just elect dictators now who pick and choose what laws to follow?

nick b

Well, one could argue that is already the case, but it was not the point I was trying to make.

I think the ACA/medicaid/medicare laws will look very different in the future as a result of the electoral and legislative processes, and even perhaps because of a medical advance. I only suggest that the state should take the money while it is offered and then be prepared to act legislatively, not illegally, when things inevitably change. That's all.

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