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01 February 2014


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One of the sadder things I read in this is that the US has, through it's conduct - somewhere between outright duplicitous and bi-polar - racked up a record of being unpredictable and untrustworthy.

Assad and Ghadafi were rewarded for their cooperation with the US against terrorism with being targeted for regime change anyway. That ought to serve as a warning for Iran.

Power is one thing, and for the time being the US has a lot of that (though, arguably all that power was incapable of re-shaping the stubborn nature of alien places and people into what the US preferred in their stead). That is to say, power is only relatively useful.

I know it is foolish to expect gratitude from other powers, but unpredictability and untrustworthiness means that others will want guarantees and exact a higher price for their cooperation.

Take the Russians: Why should the trust the US at all after them screwing Russia over everytime the opportunity arises? They'd be idiots disregarding bitter experience if they did so.

And while the US court Russia to help them with the heavy lifting in the Middle East, the US and the atlanticist West are eagerly stirring the pot in Ukraine, right at Russia's doorstep.

What's the point: To reassure Russia that the US and the West still cannot be trusted?

dilbert dogbert

On reading "Solid Intelligence" my little pea brain flashed on other definitions: "Bone Headed Intelligence" or Intelligence of the colloidal matter kind.

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