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06 February 2014


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Cold War Zoomie

Worked for Washington!


nick b

Eliot, Col.,

I was surprised but you have to look back to Jim Gilmore to find a native born Governor of Virginia. Even before him the record is varied: George Allen, from Ca., Chuck Robb from In. Hopefully you see my point. Did these other non-native Governors understand Va? Or were they outsider, shapers too?

Eliot, I share your sadness at the development of the open spaces of your, 'ute' (youth). My hometown in Ct. has suffered a similar fate, and every open tract or old farm has been built upon. So, when I started raising a family, I made it point to find someplace with lots of open space. Where I live now 56% of the land in of my town is protected open space, and 50 cents of every local tax dollar I pay goes toward purchasing more.


nick b

"Did these other non-native Governors understand Va?" for the most part, yes. pl

nick b

Col., I keep meaning to you ask you this, and I forget each time I post. I know you use the Cardinal as a device in your prose. What is the significance of it for this post? (for clarity, the photo at the top of the post.)


nick b

In general I am averse to writers of fiction explaning their work, but in this case - the cardinal is the avian symbol of Virginia as well as North Carolina. It is a creature of the upper South, a brave little bird who defends its territory and who does not allow winter to send it away from home. In my trilogy it captures the spirit of the men of the books. pl

nick b

I apologize if the question was intrusive. I should have realized it was the state bird. Your trilogy waits in line on my bedside table.

steve g

Col Lang, Virginians

Slighty off topic but Virgina related
nonetheless. Robert Parry of Consortium
News wrote an article yesterday about
changing the Jefferson Davis named road
signs in Arlington County becuse of slavery
connotations. VIPS posted two articles on
his site last year. Should this be his


steve g

I often agree with Parry but in this instance he is just trying to deprive Americans who are not of his group of their history and heritage. Much of Northern Virginia has been taken over by "interlopers" who dislike the "natives" on the basis of their lack of understanding and sympathy for the local culture. This is a very old story. Beginning in the 1830s Northern nationalists began to represent Southerners as merely backward Yankees. They have never given up on that. You might want to read "Cracker Culture" by McWhiney. pl


Col Lang

Thank you sir, I will look that up

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