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28 February 2014


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Yanukovich is indeed not deposed. The parliament did not follow the law (Article 111 of the constitution) that would have allowed for an impeachment process. Instead it simply voted under duress as armed Pravyi Sektor nazi guards surrounded the parliament.

The parliament is also acting against the constitutional court again not following any legal procedures.

It was an illegal coup - pure and simple.

As someone at Carnegie pointed out ALL security positions in the new government are now in the hand of fascists.

"[T]he most questions about the new government's direction will be raised by several key appointments of ultra-nationalist Svoboda (Freedom) and Pravyi Sektor (Right Sector) members to leading roles in the Defense Ministry, National Defense and Security Council, and the Prosecutor General's office."

The riot police, the only power that could act against them, has been dissolved.

Now the Ukraine is led by anti-semite anti-european fascists. Quite a feat Mrs. Nuland achieved there.

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