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27 February 2014


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Thank you oofda....I will review.

Honestly, I can't watch talks like that, especially if my wife is in the room. I go crazy....so much nonsense as you point out offda. but dangerous stuff...because among a lot of people, this ilk has credibility, right?


The same actors at Oregon Shakespeare Festival performed Animal Crackers two years ago. It was great! I have high hopes for another fantastic production.


I can't shake the feeling that S. J. Perelman has returned and is scripting this whole thing. Casting is going to be a problem though. Suggestions anyone?


Its an even better position than that. Any cash the west puts into Ukraine, the Russians can take back out. Either in the form of not rolling over loans, or allowing their banks to exit. Or in the form of higher gas prices. Ukraine pays below market rates for its gas. Let the West put together some package of assistance. The assistance will accrue to Russia in the end.


Very little I would suggest. They base their fleet there and the fleet has a brigade of marines with it. It is a peninsular. Its going to be pretty easy to hold even without help from outside Crimea.

Eastern Ukraine is majority Russian. Coal miners and Steel workers who think of themselves as ethnically Russian and vote that way.

Im not sure the Ukrainian military could hold it against the local population.

William R. Cumming

Your thinking aligns closely with mine on this topic!



Curious friend from Cologne, your comments have been appreciated over the years you have been here.

The Petrograd Group is a wise azz comment for the people associated with Vladmir from St. Petersburg either growing up there, or going to school at the university. The point is to see the leadership as friends working together for the common interest instead of the Tyrant and his minions.

Unfortunately in contrast,our present situation could be seen as the Temporary Emperor and his Court where the courtiers in cutthroat career competition amongst policy factions would not care if their actions harmed the US as long as they screwed over their rival.

Which brings us to your question of a cold war revival, the policy faction that receives the bashing here would accept that as outcome if they can’t have their New World Empire, because they would insist on maintaining power arguing only they can prevent the Evil Hordes of Darkness devouring our poor innocent children.

To appreciate the current Chinese leaders, understand that they have scarred souls from the Cultural Revolution (which they will admit to).Their priority is stability above all else to never experience such a situation again and they emphasize dialogue and mutually beneficial relations with the outside world. If outsiders were to meddle in their internal affair, they would go to war, so they don’t meddle in other affairs.

The German Financiers is a reflection in how your country has been able to achieve prosperity and stability and emblematic of your future economic strength.


Tactical nukes are so 20th century. Tactical thermobaric warheads give largely the same bang, while being cheaper; easily adjusted in scale; and not radioactive. They are less horrific, which I count as a detriment.

{I suggest our President could take leadership and phase out nuclear weapons [while quietly switching to thermobarics for defense]. We could go down to the level of China, say, maintaining only 100 warheads for the strategic value you note, and declare no first use of nuclears.}

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