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21 February 2014


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Charles I

Our old bar softball league was fueled by kegs of beer. Lots of fun.

I'd like to try curling with a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom.


TTG, the Caps? Go Redwings!

The Twisted Genius


During last year's playoff series between the Caps and the Rangers, I was talking with a friend of mine in Saratoga, NY. He, obviously, was a Rangers fan. We admitted we liked many aspects of both teams. I mentioned that I could probably root for any hockey team. He answered, "except for the Flyers." I thought a second and replied, "You're right. They and their fans are a pack of assholes." Those people booed Santa Claus!



I agree with your sentiment. I had to have a couple of Canadians explain the game to me once I moved to Michigan. They go to plenty of Wings games but are die hard Leafs fans. Still not too sure how I got hooked. Especially now that I have a week in Florida where I will struggle with the 'sub-tropical vortex' and that is the sunny and 80 degree weather I remember. I think I may just have to start job hunting....

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