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16 February 2014


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you argued for a sports ministry. I think that is overkill and explained how sport promotion is done in Germany.

The Bundeswehr Sportbatallion has a total budget of some $25 million, i.e. peanuts. The USOC creates about three times that much as additional unused reserve per year. Let them use it for what their primary purpose is.



I prefer your system. USOC has too much money. I am suspicious about what they do with it. The original modern Olympians were all military people. it was a military sports fest. I remember talking to an NVA PW who had been made a Lt. for the purpose of participating in the Olympics in Tokyo. He was a marksman and had served a previous combat tour in SVN as a sergeant. he switched to our side. pl

Bill H

Walrus: You make excellent points and you have sold me.

Now that you mention it, a figure skater placed fourth in US Olympic qualifications, and third place was bumped to place her on the team because... Well, because she had a better reputation supposedly, or a better chance at medaling, or... Maybe she knew where a body was buried.

Enforcing it internationally is the rub.

nick b

ex-PFC Chuck,
Thank you for that. That was highly illuminating. After the interview, I went back and read the article she wrote for The Nation. It's also worth a read. http://www.thenation.com/article/178048/why-olympics-are-lot-hunger-games
Reading the article I ran across this: http://www.thearmywcap.com/
Which I had not been aware of before. Also worth looking into.
Thank you again.

nick b

As well as the Army, the Air Force also has a world class athlete program:
The Navy and Marines have a slightly different path, but are also involved in training Olympic athletes. The Marines have the National Caliber Athlete Program, and the Navy allows athletes to apply through the Navy Office of Sports, and if accepted will receive Olympic training.


nick b

Yes, i know that the services have training units, but they are for people who are already in the military. the German thing is different. pl

Charles I

Its a slow paced game of incredible intellectual challenge and strategy, in which they who have the most rocks closest to the button at the end of an "end" gets all those points, end to end, ten ends, 80 rocks. It is the only game I am aware of in which the "ball", upon launch, can have its trajectory continuously changed by post launch input by different players until it arrives at the "goalposts" - the house - and beyond. It is also the only game i know where the ball may be deliberately thrown to miss the net entirely, but rather block it, or other balls. I suppose bocci ball, which i have never played, may contain that element, but not that of independently retargetable warheads. That focus on the unfolding relationship between mind and rock is what gives the game its appeal to me now that I don't drink. It combines physics with intuition.

The first time you play it, you will likely be in pain and bow-legged the next day.

As to the women, who cares what the explanation is, just watch and enjoy the furious concentration. I find it compelling tho I can think of only one context in which I would wish to be the focus of it. Happened to turn the last few ends of the Canada U.S game the other night at 2.30 am and it was exquisite edge-of-the-couch nerve-wracking torture til the very last rock.


Government subsidies would have allowed my partner and me to continue our synchronized swimming aspirations. We may have even been the first male team to make the Olympics. We invented a move called the William Holden Sunset Strip Float.

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