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13 February 2014


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that is stupid propaganda: Wind turbines do not make it in the 5 most important causes for killed birds. Sorry for destroying beloved prejudices:

Your cat, your car and the windows of your home kill an order of magnitude more birds than the wind turbines providing your electricity.

But your contribution was a least a nice try. :-)



1. A Nobel Prize has been awarded for the experiment and its results.


2. It's not possible to 'verify' the experiment elsewhere as governments don't devote enough funds to science to build multiple CERN's. There will be additional experiments conducted but they will have to wait their turn in line as researchers from multiple states that contributed to the building of CERN have other priorities.

3. GR was 'verified' by observing predictions made by GR to be correct. That's what happened here. The Standard Model led to certain predictions as to the characteristics of this particular particle and those predictions have apparently turned out to be correct. I'm not sure why you accept the results in one area but not the other.

Babak Makkinejad

I am saying that I am agnostic about Higgs.

Take a look at the E(38) Boson discovery at DUBNA - a respectable research laboratory in Russia.

If E(38) is verified by others then the Standard Model is not correct and with it the Higgs.

What is the Truth?

It is not based on who has been awarded a Noble Prize, I should think.




Don't drink the "KoolAid," stop watching More Sycophancy News Broadcasting Company:










Please get hard numbers:

How many wind turbines have been constructed, how many birds are killd per year by them and how many housholds are provided with electricity.

Then compare these numbers with other case of bird deaths. You will find that pets (cats, dogs) in the housholds provided with wind energy kill at least two orders of magnitude more birds, the car one order of magnitude, windows of you home ....

Get correct studies, at the moment you blow one aspect completely, we are talking about orders of magnitude, out of proportion and ignore the real problems.

Allen Thomson

Well, that NIF is primarily about understanding nuclear weapons isn't much of a secret:


"The chief mission of NIF is to provide experimental insight and data for the National Nuclear Security Administration's science-based Stockpile Stewardship Program. This experiment represents an important milestone in the continuing demonstration that the stockpile can be kept safe, secure and reliable without a return to nuclear testing. Ignition physics and performance also play a key role in fundamental science, and for potential energy applications."

As I understand it, although the Teller-Ulam design works, there are phenomena involved that haven't yet been adequately modeled and need experimental study if theoretical projections of new or aging weapons performance are to be relied on. Hence NIF.

Relevance to some future fusion power scheme is a nice-to-have spin-off and makes for better PR than talking about WMD. Note that NIF is of little relevance to other fusion power concepts, such as the various kinds of magnetic confinement.


That sounds a lot like how they "proved" dark matter existed without ever finding any i.e. come to a conclusion (not a hypothesis) and then start inventing models around it.


Yes, we will need to be able to manipulate and convert between forms of both matter and energy in ways that are so far beyond our current understanding as to be impossible. As to the containment material, neutronium might suffice, if it exists and we can obtain/create/manipulate it. I suspect that the effective containment will rather be some type of field(s) magnetic and/or gravitic (or some other force we aren’t even aware of, switching at peta-hertz or faster), again at a level of control that is currently impossible.

AND - what do we do with the power once we’ve created a stable, contained fusion reaction? We’re talking energy density far higher than anything presently available - except for a thermonuclear explosion and the big ball of fusion in the sky - and how do we convert that energy to electricity? Boiling water to spin turbines? Oy.

We’re going to have to make advances in materials and energy as far beyond where we are now as we are now beyond Archimedes IMHO.


My sources tell me Japan is positioning to shut down ALL substantive nuclear power generation after the Fukushima disaster, and is paying cash money up front for the $10B dollar LNG plants that are planned for construction in the US gulf coast. They are seeking to ensure a more certain energy source alternative. Given the very stable political (and security) situation in the US (compared to the alternatives), and Japan's long-term relationship with us, this makes a lot of sense.

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