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13 February 2014


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Col. Lang:

The application of fusion energy to commercial power generation is still unfeasible because of the damage that the containment vessel sustains during its operation; every few months the fusion reactor has to be shut down and its containment vessel replaced.

No commercially viable power plant can operate in that manner.

Existing materials will not suffice; the required improvements in material properties - in terms of scientific and technologic leap that they would entail - are on the par with what would be required for the space elevator to become a reality.

However, for space travel the fusion reactor might be useful; the containment vessel need not be maintained indefinitely and the reactor need not operate all the time; it would work to propel the ship while a fission reactor would supply the power to the other systems outside of the propulsion.

It is interesting that the Princeton Plasma Laboratory, after 60 years of funding, still failed to come up with this....

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