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20 February 2014


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Maureen Lang

Happy Birthday, FB, and as Pat has said, may God bless!

The Twisted Genius

Happy birthday, Brigadier Ali, and may you enjoy many more. I very much look forward to reading your new book.

SAC Brat

Happy Birthday Sir. I always like reading your comments and trying to get into your head, to see what you are seeing, to understand what you are thinking.

Brien J Miller

Happy Birthday, Brigadier General, Ali. May there be many more, sir.


Amen to that. Happy birthday, Furrukh.

William R. Cumming

Have a wonderful birthday and many thanks for all the insightful posts and comments! You are a treasure I am sure to your family and friends and adopted country!

505th PIR

We have Fathers and we have Life Dads...

hugs from afar!

Ishmael Zechariah

Many happy returns Brigadier.

Ishmael Zechariah

Medicine Man

Happy birthday, Brigadier Ali.

Charles Cameron

Congratulations Sir, Happy Birthday, and best wishes!


Many happy returns Brig. Ali!



Happy Birthday & Best wishes for many more!


Happy birthday to the Brigadier! :)


gracious birthday to you and yours, and many more.


Congratulations FB Ali. My very best wishes to you. And many thanks for teaching us.

David Habakkuk

F.B. Ali,

A very happy birthday.

And many thanks for the lucid analysis on Afghanistan, the differences between different forms of Islamism, and other matters.


A happy birthday and many happy returns!
Thank you for your writing.
I am looking forward to reading your book,


FB Ali-

Wishing you a happy birthday which I hope finds you in good health . . .


Happy Birthday Sir!

Tom in Texas

FB Ali-

Wishes for a happy birthday, a healthy year and many more to come!


Happy Birthday Good Sir!


I hope I look as good at 85. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday FB. Enjoy that gold medal in hockey, too. We'll see how the men fair today. I'm looking forward to reading your book.

FB Ali

I am overwhelmed. Thank you all. Coming from Sic Semper Tyrannis and the SST community, these wishes are special for me!

Babak Makkinejad

FB Ali

پشت دوتای فلک راست شد از خرّمی

تا چو تو فرزند زاد مادر ایام را

حکمت محض است اگر لطف جهان آفرین

خاص کند بنده ای مصلحت عام را

دولت جاوید یافت هر که نکونام زیست

کز عقبش ذکر خیر زنده کند نام را

وصف ترا گر کنند ور نکنند اهل فضل

حاجت مشّاطه نیست روی دلارام را

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