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02 January 2014


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No. Albany will not go for this. Our beloved governor is positioned as a fiscally conservative Dem. One of his early crusades was for a property tax cap(which the voters having approved it, they are now disenchanted with having to cut Jr.s programs).

Neither loses anything by "having conflict" over this. DiBlasio won, handilly. Were I him, I might be seeing what I could do without Albany.

As for the Clintons....YAWN. Done, done,done. Said it before and it is still true and I still have money where my mouth is on this one, HC WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT. I don't think she could win senator again, but that I would not bet on.


The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Broward County Chamber of Commerce, and The Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce would like to say thank you to His Honor deBalsio and former Secretary of State Clinton bringing fairness to New York City, may you succeed in all your endeavors.


Hillary will follow BO's script: talk left to the people, while talking center-right to big donors. If she wins in '16, it will mark the 5th term of Bush/Cheney policies.

Remember, it was Bubba who ended welfare as we knew it, ended Glass-Steagall (days before HRC announced her run for Senator from Wall Street), signed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act (which enabled rampant, secret trading in oil and other commodities), and signed the PNTR China, setting off the great sucking sound of jobs going to China.

The Democratic base has to get real about who Hillary is and who she represents. That is a tall order, since most of them are still in denial about BO's intentions, which include cutting Social Security and military pensions.



You are a spokesman for these groups? "Fairness?" Really? My word, my word. pl


JohnH: Why should Hillary be President? I've never heard a Hillary supporter answer that question.


You forgot about NAFTA.

different clue

De Blasio intends one of his first acts in office to be the banning and shutting down of the traditional horse-and-carriage rides in/around Central Park. He offers various reasons for it but the probable real reason is described near the end of the article.



de Blasio should go out to visit the abbatoirs where the horses will be slaughtered. pl


The core that got Bill re-elected as Governor is oiling the gears right now. Their motto: "There are only two ways Hillary will not be the next President: she's dying or she's already dead."

The Clinton's never fail to learn from their mistakes.


I'm not a spokesman for these organizations, but the progressives want fairness based on cronyism, nepotism, and of course patronage.

different clue

One wonders if protesters ( of whom one hopes there will be some) might demand in public that he do just that. Perhaps they might post to "save the horses and carriages" websites videos
of horses being slaughtered . . . and say "this is the de Blasio plan for one of our more enjoyable traditions. Who opposes this?"

Kyle Pearson

I see nothing wrong with getting the State involved in eliminating inequality.

It's done such a great job at increasing it and enforcing it, these last 40 years, i think it's about time We the People get involved in making it work for the rest of us, rather than the thinnest layer of the upper crust.

William R. Cumming

The Clinton's real legacy to DEM politics may be made clearer this year by events and elections. The new mayor may be kept busy by the fact that MOTHER NATURE DOES NOT GRANT VARIANCES!

robt willmann

Also promoted and passed when Bill and Hillary Clinton were in the White House was the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) with its World Trade Organization (WTO) that hears and decides trade disputes in secret. The GATT is basically NAFTA for as much of the world as possible and is just as bad; it trumps U.S. law, such that if Congress passes a law that contradicts a section of the GATT, then sanctions kick in against the U.S.

Mickey Kantor, whom some called a Hollywood lawyer, was the U.S. trade representative active in negotiating NAFTA and GATT. The point man working in the Clinton White House to get NAFTA passed by Congress was none other than Rahm Emanuel, who had been a Clinton campaign fund raiser and who became Barack Obama's first chief of staff.

And further, when the Clintons were in the White House, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was passed, which changed the law so that one entity could own more than one AM and one FM radio station in one market, leading to massive consolidation of radio station ownership, and led to TV and newspaper ownership by one entity in one market, etc., and also permitted the "Baby Bell" phone companies, which came into existence when AT&T was broken up in the early 1980's, to merge with one another, such that now in the U.S. the radio, television, newspaper, and telephone (including cellular) businesses are owned and controlled by only a few owners (an oligopoly).

Bill Clinton was the biggest Republican president of the last part of the 20th century.

Bill H

What does DeBlasio think these critturs are going to be doing if they aren't standing around munching oats out of buckets and strolling through Central Park towing a carriage the weight of which they don't even notice? Has this city-bred clown ever seen draft horses with a real freight wagon, or watched horses pulling tree stumps?

Margaret Steinfels

First impression of de Blasio mayoralty: There was a snow storm, not as bad as predicted. The plow was up and down our street ten times during the night; the street is clear. Schools closed. No people or cars on the street. Everyone has stayed home. Brilliant!


I'm usually annoyed by Jose's posts, but I found that one both amusing & accurate: Florida will be glad to accomodate ever more rich expat New Yorkers fleeing onerous taxes on their hard-earned money.

I have reason to believe, though that Jose & I would not agree on where to draw the lines defining "onerous" and "hard-earned".

Marco Naccio

A "call for socialist revolution" or just a clever marketing campaign? I suspect another "hope and change" bait & switch operation will be the end result with de Blasio.

His mildly liberal rhetoric got him elected. It also helped that Christine Quinn imploded herself by greasing in Bloomberg's sleazy 3rd term.

Now that he's in, I predict he'll turn his attention to shafting his supporters in the same manner as Barack Obama.

Just as Obama showed his colors with his first appointment, namely, the sleazy Zionist Rahm Emmanuel, de Blasio showed his with the selection of Rudy Giuliani's police commissioner.

Prepare for "more of the same" in NYC.


Why shouldn't she? Could she possible be as unqualified as Santorium, Bachman, Cruz etc etc etc?
She is intelligent. She is articulate. She has international as well as senatorial experience. As the first lady, she knows the ins and outs of the White House.
I would vote for her and I'm sure there are many more who will support her also.

different clue

The blog Naked Capitalism has run a fairly detailed analysis of the social and economic destruction visited upon Mexico itself by NAFTA. It describes how NAFTA engineered the destruction of bulk commodity agriculture throughout much of Mexico, among other things. Here is the link.

(Also, early in that link's thread, blogger Yves Smith herself posted a comment with links to
many posts she has written about TPP and TPIP, which are extensions of the original NAFTA concept. Someone mentioned TPP and TPIP on this thread so maybe the links will be useful.)

"If you like Obamacare, you'll love Obamatrade."


I do not expect de Blasio to call for expopriating the expropriators. He has longterm ties with the Clintons and isn't known as a firebrand, although I'd not be surprised if he locks horns now and again with Andrew Cuomo and more power to him if he does. He's catering to a large segment of the New York City voting population that hasn't been catered to by recent mayors.

I would not be surprised if Clinton or any other eventual Democratic candidate does talk a great deal about inequality, which is unarguably getting worse. The stock market rolls along and the rich have recovered from the recession while the rest of the people continue to struggle with low employment and wage stagnation. People continue to struggle to keep their homes and lose them. These are real problems. The GOP could not take advantage of Obama's weaknesses on this score in the last presidential cycle because of their candidate and a general terror of anything that smacks of class warfare. Obama didn't even bother to mention unemployment in his second inaugural address. Fortunately for the Dems the opposition is in no position to exploit such openings.

Edward Amame

DeBlasio's not igniting a socialist revolution, he's riding the inevitable middle class tide of resentment after 12 years of a mayor who turned NYC into Luxury City. He's a very smart pol so don't expect anything remotely resembling left wing firebrand-y kind of legislating from him (although I'd be pleasantly surprised if he did). How hard he's willing to step on Real Estate and Wall Street's toes is anybody's guess, but that's what we elected him to do. So far all I know is that he got the streets cleaned up pronto after the snow.

DeBlasio probably does not have national aspirations. Cuomo probably does. DeBlasio worked for Cuomo when Cuomo was at HUD and reportedly they have a lot of respect for each other. So I'm inclined to expect more cordial relations than normal between the mayor of NYC and the gov.

After 30 years of the bottom 90% in the USA getting hammered, it's nice to see some Democrats finally starting to take notice. The last time I checked, NYC is still an island off the coast of America. It's funny to see everybody trembling at the thought of DeBlasio fever spreading to the mainland and natives embracing anything resembling a NYCSSR "socialist revolution" that hasn't happened yet.

HRC's a smart pol. She'll adapt. I don't like her neocon FP outlook, but suspect she's already ideologically close to Bill D, at least in her heart. But then Elizabeth Warren had already begun to shift the center back to its more traditional spot.


At least until the New Yorkers start trying to vote for more taxes and more government.

We see it out West with Californians having turned their state into a shithole, and then fleeing the mess they've made only to attempt to recreate their old situation in the new one. Seeing a lot more anti California sentiment directed at these transplants.

You'd think they'd learn, but being a progressive means you don't have to.


Ha ha ha the liberal mindset in a nutshell.

Worry about the horses, to Hell with the unborn babies.

DiBlaseo is either going to continue Bloomberg's policies or he's going to be Dinkins 2.0.

Edward Amame

Who knows if that's the "real' reason or not, but for the record, every major Dem candidate except Christine Quinn supported the carriage ban. So did De Blasio's opponent in the general election, Republican Joseph Lhota. Also for the record, most NYers could give a damn.

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