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28 January 2014


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Yours In Peace....R.L.Kirtley

"So Long Pete,It's Been Good To Know You. So Long Pete, It's Been Good To Know You".....A Great American

Babak Makkinejad

Wasn't Seeger a black-listed dissident singer in US?

nick b

There was more to the man than just that, but yes.

Maureen Lang

I'll let Charles Pierce's eulogy answer that question:


The Athenaeum post linked to above is about Seeger's musical heritage, not past or contemporary politics.


He sure was. Seems like he had the last laugh on that one.

On the Athenaeum post, I put up a link to the song Abiyoyo, which was a childhood favorite. As I listen with the ears of adulthood, the story of a pesky boy with his eukelele annoying everybody and being ostracized, and outlasting the big bad giant until he is called back to the village a hero...well...it takes on a differnt meaning.

Laura Wilson

Thank you…this song made my morning! I personally love that before the House Committee on Un-American Activities he did not "take the 5th" but, instead, stood right in front of the 1st Amendment!

Charles I

For some reason I always associate Seeger with another happy musician- though less crusader - Stephane Grappelli. Just watching them, being around them, was some kind of infectious happiness, and the mere recollection of their two smiling faces, one lifted, one tilted in jaunty song still wrings a few endorphins out of my grey matter.

Maureen Lang

Grappelli's time playing with Django Reinhardt & the rest of the Quintette Hot Club de France makes for some of the best jazz around. Here's a link to quite a few tracks:


Yours In Peace....R.L.Kirtley

A Lasting Image I'll Carry Of Pete Was From A New Yorker Article Where The Writer Found Him Standing Alone Beside A Highway In Darkness And Freezing Sleet Holding Up A Sign Saying "Give Peace A Chance". He Was 87 At The Time. Just Another Day Doing His Job.

Maureen Lang

I never had the privilege of hearing Seeger play anywhere live, but my husband did long ago in San Diego CA. He was leading a singalong of "Which Side Are You On" at a rally outside a plant for striking workers. My husband's crew refused to cross the picket lines with their trucks- Pete thanked them. John says Pete Seeger had the clearest, strongest voice he'd ever heard.

William R. Cumming

A life well lived! A gift to US and mankind! Thanks Maureen for the post.

Charles I

Thanks, I've got it all, seen Grappelli and Seeger many times, never seen Django, but yeah, he's another one, although he seems to have been a bit darker a soul. I have a recording of Grappelli and Reinhardt jamming with of all people, Sidney Bechet, no idea when or where it was.

Buzz Meeks

Thank you for posting this.

Maureen Lang

Sidney Bechet plays with Grappelli & Reinhardt on several tracks of Verve's Jazz Masters "Django Reinhardt." This cut's from 1938- it's fun to hear Bechet saying, "Now you're sounding like New Orleans!" somewhere in the middle of it:

Honeysuckle Rose

Wonderful CD that you already own, no doubt. It resides more or less permanently in our den six disc player.

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