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29 January 2014


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patrick lang


Typepad robbed us of many of Alan's nifty writing techniques, italics, etc. "Stack your magazines and say goodbye" I hadn't thought of that for a while. I watched my men do that one night in Song Be, RVN. This is a great review. I had the misfortune of having lunc with this director, Peter Berg, when he was making his awful movie about Saudi Arabia. Neither he nor his producer, Mann, would listen to anything about SA, embassy operations, etc. I remember that Berg insisted that embassy personnel would be riding around in Escalades. What a jerk. pl

Medicine Man

Thank you for the review, Mr. Farrell. This one wasn't on my theatre short list, though perhaps - as you suggest - I will keep an eye out for it on Netflix.

An eerie comparison I've seen drawn to this movie is The Passion of the Christ. The lurid attention paid to all the punishment the characters absorb in Lone Survivor coupled with a reverence for the themes supposedly on display (Courage, devotion, fidelity, as you say) almost makes the film sound more like a parable than a story about people on the other side of the world. I can't say what I think without watching the movie myself.

Maureen Lang

TypePad has been a bit wonky since yesterday (that is to say, a bit wonkier than usual)- very glad you've put up a reformatted version of Alan's review.

A couple of thoughts:

As you know, Pat, my husband worked on Berg's "The Kingdom" from pre- through end of post-production. I broke down the script scene by scene for him several times to create various budgets, databases, etc. Having many successive versions of a shooting script is not unusual- in fact it is extremely usual, pages even added, radically changed during filming. The Kingdom" went through a blur of incarnations- hard to keep up with 'em. Despite so many re-writes (because of them?) the script remained a stinker throughout. Based on your luncheon with Mann & Berg, the expression about a fish stinking from the head first does come to mind.

As to "Lone Survivor," I always have a problem watching Mark Wahlberg, despite his exceptionally good acting in several films I've seen. Maybe others here can relate to this: I escorted my daughter & her friends to several concerts in the pre-teen years during which Mr. Wahlberg jumped around energetically on stage in artfully spray painted white overalls sans shirt/shoes as part of the opening act for his brother's band. The name of his part of the show was Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch. Still can't avoid seeing that image of him creeping into my peripheral vision, even during the denouement of "The Departed."


Saw that review... NYT maybe. Dunno. Martyrs, maybe, those guys, though I prefer as I said scapegoats. Wonder what would have been said if they'd snuffed the goatherds, captured Shah, made it back to FOB. We'd have a Breaker Morant on our hands, suspect. Anyhow... all best for Year of Horse. AFF

Medicine Man

Take care, Mr. Farrell.

William R. Cumming

So Alan! Time better spent watching ZULU?


I suggest watching "Farewell to the King".


Gots a 577-450 hanging on my wall. For when they come over the mealie bags. AFF



By chance I started watching it again yesterday and after getting lost for a while in a reverie over the 1911A1 that Leroy throws away I found myself singing "The Rising of the Moon" with the Dayaks in the long house. pl



You see how much you are appreciated. As for the Zulu, stack your magazines. pl

Charles I

Thanks Alan, been a while. More bit of a screed than review but your country and your troops are still great whatever Hollywood trots out. I hate the endless shitkicking keeps on ticking too but it'd a short and sorry movie the here went down like in real life.

The Kingdom was lame.

Recently watched these two great Korean-made war movies, highly recco.

Tae Guk Gi aka The Brotherhood of War

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0386064/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 and

Mei Wei aka My Way,


Plenty o blood but way better movies.


I wish I had a 1911A1. Not much of a marksman now. My firearms collection, sadly, is down to a 22; though I've been giving thought to getting a CCL and a new pistol this year. Lost the Beretta, amongst other things, in a divorce a few years back. Next open thread I may ask for some suggestions.


Don't forget a screwdriver for those ammo boxes.


Hi ALAN...Dropped by YUR Foxhole to check you Pulse and drop off 2 more Mags..Saw this Movie..Imagine Its now a Training Video somewhere..Showed How Intense and Savage Fire Fights can Be..and That in Every Thing The GOOD ..(The Villagers who saved Him) The Bad and and The UGLY..(Your Choice) Can Be..
Eyes on The Horizon Alan..Be Well...Happy New Year..

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