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17 January 2014


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Good Grief - If Bibi is so worried about incitement, I suggest he visit the Jewish settlements of Bat Ayin, Kiryat Arba, Itamar etc. He will hear invective about Arabs and Palestinians that makes anything said by Palestinians "sweet talk" by comparison.

Even at shul, one can hear "death to the Arabs" along with comments about castrating all Palestinians so they can reproduce, and prayers to G-d to slay these vermin etc etc.

In short, Jews in Israel take a back seat to no one in hurling invectives.

John Adamson

'Basically you can do anything you want, say anything you want and you won't be held accountable.'

Like continue to build illegal settlements?

The best metaphor I've heard about the "Peace Process" is comparing the West Bank to a hamburger. The Israeli's have the control of the hamburger. They continue to eat the hamburger while they "negotiate" over it.

They do this with a straight face and righteous indignation They have no shame.

Alba Etie

Col Lang
The EU needs to stand up to this abuse that is heaped on them by the Likud both in their own home countries ,and abroad . As do we need to stand up to the Likud abuse both here and abroad . Slightly off topic ~ what are we to make of the recent closed door meeting that President Obama had with eighty or so Congress Critters were BHO defended successfully his six month' trust but verify 'Iranian deal ? Senator Max ( oh I forgot I really did not serve in Vietnam after all ) Blumenthal , Cory Booker and others have taken their poison pill new sanction bill down , at least for now . We often are critical of the BHO Administration here at SST - could this be one instance we should praise the President and the Realist for winning the argument for now on the repproachment with the Persians ?


Maybe the EU countries should recall their ambassadors "for consultations". And then PNG the Israeli ambassadors to their countries.


While the likelihood of success is almost nil, I think it is appropriate for Kerry to try to make progress on the Israel/Palestinian conflict. What are the other options?: To let Israel complete its annexation of the Palestinian territories unhindered. Given the realities of US politics, this is about all that can be done. Me, I'd sequester a large portion of US foreign and military aid to Israel until start acting more appropriately.

Babak Makkinejad


Settler's video:



Charles I

In lieu of puking at straight faces I am turning off the Canadian news for a few days while PM Harper and dozens of acolytes descend on Israel for a Bibifest

different clue

I remember once reading the North Vietnamese approach during our last few years there as "fight and talk, talk and fight". One wonders if Israel's aproach could be described as "take and talk, talk and take."


COL, Have you read Blumenthal's new book Goliath" yet? Those who have read it, or Blumenthal's prior reporting, will find this latest stunt anything but expected.

That we continue to fund this nation is beyond abominable.



jdledell: I take people at their word. See http://mondoweiss.net/2014/01/israels-rightwing-pushback.html

Engel's money quote:

"I never use that formulation, ‘obstacle to peace.’ My heart tells me that every Jew has the right to live in any place in Israel and that includes Judea and Samaria. That does not mean that ignoring the location and timing, and announcing building tenders at all times is the correct thing to do."

So what are the point of these negotiations but to "manage" the occupation? Abbas does Palestine a terrible disservice by participating in this charade.

Medicine Man

Indeed -- apparently our PM was in fine form in front of the Knesset. He straight up stated that Israel's critics are a bunch of anti-Semites; so subtle that one.


Specially the Jewish ones.


Both Israeli and Palestinian elites are not interested in a peace process:

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