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26 January 2014


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All while his racialized DoJ demands that schools stop disciplining students because its "rayciss".

I'd love to see some metrics for his numbers - I imagine they're on the same line as that debunked "1 out of every 3 women will be raped in her lifetime" scare study.

nick b


Here is the study cited:

Here is the report from the White House Council on Women and Girls that cites the nisvs 2010:



Very well put.

Have college students changed that much in 50 years?

Yes, binge drinking places all at risk. Also, commercialized sex is all over the media.

But, this is a diversion from the real issue. College graduates are in debt an average of $26,000. They can’t find good jobs and their plight is completely ignored by this Administration.

r whitman

I seem to remember similar words from Rudy Guliani a quarter of a century ago when he took over as Mayor of New York. He was successful in changing the culture of New York and the behavior of New Yorkers. My annual visits are much more pleasant now.


r Whitman

My God! I am glad I was elsewhere in the bad old days in NYC. I have no doubt that "the authorities" can change culture and behavior. I saw that in the two military colleges I was associated with at West Point and VMI. It is true as well the LBJ changed American culture. But, do we want to be changed and does "The Great Father" in Washington have any right to change us? pl


Dear Colonel,

I tend to think it is simply pontification from a man (human like all) who looks down from his olympian heights and feels a need to inform everyone how they should live and how they are inferior. Fits in with the self-adsorbed narcisstic personality with no sense of humility. Is it more common on the left? I don't know, but it certainly was a feature of the kings and emperors of europe in an age thankfully bygone.

Re: The numbers, I suppose it depends on the definition of "have been."


Table 2 .1, Lifetime Weighted %

12.3 Completed forced penetration
5.2 Attempted forced penetration
8.0 Completed alcohol/drug facilitated penetration


If you have a critique of these data, let's hear it.

While the plural of anecdote is not data, it does maybe rhyme. The reported lifetime number (18%) is roughly in line with my expectations.



Statistics are crap. You can make them say whatever you like.. Obama wanted a study that said this and he got it. You don't know that? What is it that you want, castration for "sex offenders" who fit these categories? Forced feminization of boys to make them less threatening? What do you want? pl


Are leaders neutrals or do they set tone? If the tone is wrong, turf-em at the polls. Can't fault him for putting his beliefs "out-there" can we? If they are suitable or desired, they will gain enough traction to drift the American socio-cultural iceburg a ways in that direction. If not, it will spin along in its due course anyways and he will be knighted amongst the other footnotes of our political past.


505th PIR

You can fault him if he wants to make his "tone" into law. pl

Don Bacon

The 2007 government-sponsored survey that Obama referred to used the same faulted methods as were used to falsely conclude, and widely reported recently, that there were "26,000 Sexual Assault In the Military Last Year."

What they do in their surveys is to define sexual assault to include ‘unwanted sexual contact’ and ‘unwanted sexual touching.’ This is why one is no longer permitted to touch a member of the opposite sex. A friendly hug? Forget it.

Student Sam McNair, Georgia Teen, Suspended For Sexual Harassment After Hugging Teacher

The White House Council on Women and Girls
January 2014 (pdf) footnote to-->

Document Title: The Campus Sexual Assault (CSA) Study
Author(s): Christopher P. Krebs, Ph.D. ; Christine H. Lindquist, Ph.D. ; Tara D. Warner, M.A. ; Bonnie S. Fisher, Ph.D. ; Sandra L. Martin, Ph.D.
Document No.: 221153
Date Received: December 2007 (pdf)


The important thing is the definitions:

I should take a copy of this down to HR, maybe they can finally understand that the proper way to explain to female employees what their male counterparts mean when they ask them to stop touching them.



It is telling that the Democrats are silent on just how many perpetrators there are and what sex (and sexual orientation). It also speaks volumes about the values Democrats have instilled in their children since the sexual revolution of the sixties. Men are not to be trusted. Men, what have they been taught by those same parents?


What is even worse is that half the students in colleges shouldn't even be there. The average college student in US cannot write coherently, is unable to do 8th grade level math (algebra), and not able to think through a problem logically unless they were handed down an answer somewhere...and heaven forbid if you start throwing out misleading answers deliberately to see if they can figure things out (learned the hard way from personal experience--apparently, you are only supposed to tell them the "right" answers which they are supposed to repeat word for word like a parrot.) And, yes, most of these students are incurring sizable debts and still have trouble paying for even their daily living expenses (there are students who demand that they have the right to get decent grades even if they can't show up for lectures because they are working so hard--in fact, their jobs are keeping them from showing up for lectures. All the while college bureaucrats and student loan lenders are making out like bandits (all the while, ironically, college faculty are replaced by part time adjuncts--up to 50-60% or more in many state universities). The situation with the higher education is the same as with the health care industry--replace the patients with students, hospital administrators with university administrators, and the doctors with faculty. And it looks as if the administration is trying out the same "solutions" to education as it did with the healthcare...bumbling "cures" that may or may not be better than the disease, if at all relevant to the rot on hand...citing only how rotten the current situation is as the justification.


The guy is prejudiced since he has two young daughters who will be heading out to college in a few years and I probably would try to do the same if I thought it would help ease their potential trauma.



It is not the business of the president to act as father to the country. Let him deal with his family and leave the rest of us alone. pl

The Twisted Genius

I think this is a calculated political move by the Democratic party to take advantage of several recent Republican statements that can only be described as blatantly misogynistic. The Democrats are positioning themselves as the defenders of women and women's rights and attempting to paint the Republicans as the party that hates and fears women.



"the party that hates and fears women" Does that include their mothers? pl

Mark Logan

General comment:

So much of what US politicians do appears to me to be more about "getting out the(ir) vote". These fringe and wedge issues are believed to work, for whatever reason. Maybe they do. Pogo strikes again!

If Walrus reads this, I would ask him to opine on if Australia's mandatory (well...small-fine "mandatory", anyway) voting affects Aussie politics. I worry that the constant harping on wedge/social issues results in politicians actually believing that is what the US government was intended to accomplish. Vonnegut's "We become what we pretend to be, so we must be careful..".

The Twisted Genius


Ah, yes. It's a puzzlement! It sure doesn't square with the notion of God, mother and apple pie. The Democrats will overreach on this issue just as surely as the Republicans will continue to say more stupid things.

nick b


This issue has been around for a while, not just during BHO's tenure. I believe the Clery act of 1990 was the initial piece of legislation. It's been amended and strengthened a number of times by various administrations including the creation of the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention act of 2002.

I'm not sure what makes Obama's course of action any different from what has been done in the past. Additionally, all he did was appoint a task force. Isn't that what you do when you want to address a problem, but not be bound to any actual action?

Don Bacon

The president does what his pollsters tell him to do. He was at 42%, now up to 46%, and so the pollsters say: Do the anti-sex assault in college thing. You get the females and the young. What's not to like?

So Obama takes the bogus survey/study results, which nobody would question (he thinks), based on "sexual touching," and pushes his phony agenda of "basic decency and humanity."

Hey, it worked for the Pentagon, so why not. "General Dempsey and I consider this a serious problem that needs to be addressed,” Panetta said. “It violates everything the U.S. military stands for.” (in 2012)

Ishmael Zechariah

SST, Colonel Lang,

To many it is quite clear that there is an assault on men and masculinity. I strongly recommend the Camille Paglia interview in Wall Street Journal from Dec. 2013: "A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues; why ignoring the biological differences between men and women risks undermining Western civilization". Here is a quote: "Politically correct, inadequate education, along with the decline of America's brawny industrial base, leaves many men with "no models of manhood," she says. "Masculinity is just becoming something that is imitated from the movies. There's nothing left. There's no room for anything manly right now." The only
place you can hear what men really feel these days, she claims, is on sports radio. No surprise, she is an
avid listener. The energy and enthusiasm "inspires me as a writer," she says, adding: "If we had to go to
war," the callers "are the men that would save the nation.".

Here is another: " " Michelle Obama's going on: 'Everybody must have college.' Why? Why? What is the reason why everyone has to go to college? Especially when college is so utterly meaningless right now, it has no core curriculum" and "people end up saddled with huge debts..."

Another issue is the feminization of higher education:


This is a full chapter from 2008 and a long slog. To some of you it will be worth it. Even though the fellow who wrote it is trying so hard to put the matter into the best possible light, in the end he has to say: "The reversal of gender inequalities now seems to be well established in OECD member
countries. More women than men enter higher education, irrespective of age or type of higher education. It is only at the doctoral level that women have not yet caught up with
men, although current trends suggest that this will happen within a few years. All fields of study have therefore become feminised, even though gender segregation along subject lines still remains very pronounced". What he predicted has already happened at the PhD and professional degrees level as well. In the USA there will be 2 girls to every guy in college at all levels in a decade or so. This should make life interesting.

The affirmative-action babies that run the nation think that nature can be controlled by legislation. I think they are in for a surprise. Unfortunately all of us, all over the world, might have to pay for their hubris.


Ishmael Zechariah


@ kao hsien chih

"What is even worse is that half the students in colleges shouldn't even be there.The average college student in US cannot write coherently, is unable to do 8th grade level math (algebra), and not able to think through a problem logically unless they were handed down an answer somewhere"

I taught at both a community college and a four year college and found very little evidence for your statements.

"Some", yes. "Half", nowhere close.


He is refusing to wrestle with the economy and jobs. That's been the #1 thing people have wanted done since he started. That is also what people have wanted Congress and the rest of our best minds in business, academia and other areas.

I do not want any president's "power of pen" to be signficantly increased or enhanced. Our presidents should be discouraging that kind of talk, not indulging in it and claiming it is right or effective.

There was a recent Gallup poll that said about 31% of Americasn identify as Democrats and 25% as Republicans. And besides the over 40% classified ad independents, I would thing there are many shaky Republicans and Democrats.

We have big problems but no leadership. What next? The current situation of great unhappiness without much action being taken by a very disgusted public cannot continue. I think people don't know what to do and that's been keeping them passive. The day will come when they won't care what the right or effective action is, they will do something because they can't stand not to anymore.

We are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the lies of false prophet who would sweep us up in some kind of idealogy or movement. People want hope, they want answers, they are so afraid of losing what they have.

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