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31 January 2014


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r whitman

I would like some comments from US lawyers who read this blog:
What is Ms Knox's status in the US now? Is she a convicted felon?. Does she lose any civil rights? Can she obtain a passport?

The beaver


Seems that Foggy Bottom can be a chameleon where Iran is concerned:

The representative of Iran at the UN missions needs a visa whenever he has to travel within the US since he is confined by the American authorities within a 25-mile radius of Columbus Circle. His request to attend an eventin Philly at the invitation of theWorld Affairs Council is up in the air.



Like a lot of people in government most State Department folk have few ideas that are authentically theirs. they are just weather vanes. pl

The beaver


With your permission, just a link to show the news about Reuters' collaboration work:


All seriousness aside, how cool would it if Amanda Knox and Justin Bieber became an item? Even better - a threesome with Miley Cyrus. That would be some kind of Super Bowl halftime!

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