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22 December 2013


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Don Bacon

The US government's position, which mirrors Israel's position (surprise!), is that anti-Israel sentiments are anti-Semitic because Israel is a Jewish state.


Apropos bigotry:

Israeli ministers demand U.S. to end spying


"Now the secret is out," said Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz in a statement, "The U.S. is systematically spying on the defense and diplomatic leadership here in Israel. Is this how friends treat each other?"





patrick lang


Henry Siegman is European by birth, born in Germany and then raised in France until he was a teenager. His family came to the US in the later 1930s. He is an ordained rabbi and served as a chaplain in the US Army in the Korean War. This oped was printed in Ha'aretz. pl


To re-phrase Chomsky, the horror visited by the Martians on their dispossed Venutian minorities (okay, or by the Lord's Resistance Army - almost fingered Uzbekistan and its deep fried dissidents as a disinterested example, my BAD) is less ethically problematic than those we finance directly.

Ethics aside, Israeli apartheid (or any based on demographics absent genocide) is unsustainable, and IMO any true friend of Israel would push the message hard enough for it to be heard. When words are worthless, money talks, LOUD!

William R. Cumming

With the exception of the 55 colleges and universities largely funded by DoD in the USA at what point does funding by any nation-state make any college or university anywhere in reality the organ of that nation-state?



The four service academies, the Merchant Marine Academy, the Naval Postgraduate School. that makes six. What other schools are you talking about? pl


Happy holidays to your and your family, Pat, and as time will pass a wonderful start into 2014, as we say over here.

Henry is one of the minds that Germany has lost. Great man. I didn't know he was a rabbi. I guess he would object to the idea I encountered a couple of days ago on Mondoweiss that Judaism today is identical with Zionism.

An important helper of Max Blumenthal in Israel David Sheen:
In spite of the fact that the passage by Max about the treatment of African asylum seekers made me feel uncomfortable, are we that much better, I sponsored David Sheen's project. Interestingly the focus of his work even made it into the news over here yesterday.

This I cannot judge:


"If you are an American mainstream reporter in Israel, you have a real challenge, just about every day. You have to willfully ignore much of the news that is happening right around you. ‘Goliath’ is indispensable to understanding the real Israel in 2013"



Henry is a Zionist, but a Zionist who believes that the only path to long range survival for Israel is a deal with the Palestinians. pl


Col: The obverse is also true. As a Palestinian-ist, I recognize that the only path for the long range survival for Palestinians is a deal with the Israelis.

To my mind, Max Blumenthal is a national treasure. Many good people like MJ Rosenberg criticize Max, but Max Blumenthal has the courage to present reality in its unfiltered form.

Our media is not ready for this discussion. Which is why they are eager to interview Avi Shavit, but not Max Blumenthal, Henry Siegman, or Phillip Weiss.

William R. Cumming

Try the Staff Colleges and NPGS for a start!

William R. Cumming

I count NDU as several institutions so you can one more at least for the record!

Extract from Wikipedia:

For other national defense universities which use the British spelling, see National Defence University (disambiguation).
National Defense University

National Defense University emblem
Location Fort Lesley McNair, Washington, United States
Website www.ndu.edu
The National Defense University (NDU) is an institution of higher education funded by the United States Department of Defense, intended to facilitate high-level training, education, and the development of national security strategy. It is chartered by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with Major General Gregg F. Martin as president.[1] It is located on the grounds of Fort Lesley McNair in Washington, D.C.
The university's mission is to prepare military and civilian leaders from the United States and other countries to better address national and international security challenges through multidisciplinary educational programs, research, professional exchanges and outreach. The school's master's program is a one-year intensive study program.[2]
Most students are officers and selected civilians in Washington. Students take classes in advanced strategic methods and diplomacy. Several institutes serve the university in developing policies of the government, while also creating simulations and war games to help keep the military current with specific concerns.
Contents [hide]
1 History
2 Colleges and centers
2.1 National War College
2.2 College of International Security Affairs
2.3 Institute for National Strategic Studies
2.4 Special programs
3 See also
4 References



The staff colleges and war colleges, to include the various parts of the NDU are not academic institutions. They are and were officially until recently service schools. You could also have included the Joint Intelligence College or whatever they call it now. It is true that they have deans and give accredited degrees but that does not change what they really are. They are training institutions not places of higher learning. The relentless American desire for certification of everything as well as the bureaucratic requirement for successful officers to have an advanced degree for promotion above lieutenant colonel have led to the application of a veneer of faux academic "coating" to these places. In order to be accredited these service schools have acquired faculties that are at best second rate and often less than that. Nevertheless the convenience of being able to give a promising officer an MA while he is at the staff or war college has been just too tempting to "pass up" because in this way the training time out of an officer's career is shortened by years. The resulting degrees are largely worthless except in the promotion process. I have no idea why the navy maintains the PG School. It must be very expensive and sending people to civilian universities would be more effective. The whole business of claiming that service schools are academic institutions is ridiculous. pl

William R. Cumming

PL! Could not agree more!

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