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07 December 2013


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Tom in Texas

Dear Col. Lang,

Thank you for posting this. In googling the story after reading your post, I came across another account of the bombing of the Enoura Maru posted at a site called "Never Forgotten: The Story of the Taiwan POW Camps and the Men Who Where Interned In Them." It appears to be a written version of remarks delivered orally in Taiwan in 2005 (the speaker notes, "Today we are here to say goodbye and to honor these men for their courage and sacrifice in the terrible tragedy that befell them here 60 years ago.")


Your posts (and the comments section) regularly expand my knowledge and understanding of the world. Thanks!


Tom in Texas

The government indictment for the Japs (deliberate denigration on my part)mentions that the ship had been bombed. Naval air from USS Hornet bombed the ship twice. Naval air was sinking Japanese shipping wherever it was found. Nothing distinguished this ship from any other "maru." pl

Medicine Man

There is ample indication that the Japanese treated their prisoners the way they did simply out of a sense of tribal superiority over the inferior alien outsiders. My father used to tell me that all of the island dwelling people tend to be like this, though he never had an explanation of why the Irish and Scottish don't share the condition.

Patricia McDonnell Connor

November 11,2011
On this Veterans Day the Mc Donnell Family remembers the loss of their beloved Uncle Reverand John J.McDonnell, U.S.Army Chaplain and Brooklyn Fire Drpt. Chaplain prior to WW11.( See 1986, 1987 issues of The Quan in which Fa.McDonnell( under Chaplains) is listed.
Fa.McDonnell was among 1619 POW's aboard the Oryoko Mary on 13 Dec.1944 when it was bombed. RIP.

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