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16 December 2013


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McCain also told the (paid?) crowd that it should reject foreign interference. He evidently did not consider himself such.

The Ukrainian industry in the east would be dead three month after signing the trade deal with the EU. Even after that deal the Ukraine would never be accepted as full EU member. It would just be too expensive to integrate it (estimates run as high as $200 billion) and most EU members are against it.

The majority of the country has elected the current president and the parliament in rather fair elections. Why McCain and others think the crowd should overthrow the elected government in the name of "democracy" is beyond me. What if the elected president calls on Russia to help against a rebellion? Would NATO be willing to go to war over that? On what basis?

The Ukraine need some loans and access to markets. Russia can give both without many conditions while the "west" demands the full IMF austerity program that would be the same economic catastrophe in the Ukraine that it has been elsewhere. Under such conditions no clear minded Ukrainian can chose the "west".

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