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08 December 2013


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Clearly the Sarin attacks were intended to be justification for the US intervention into Syria. It is even more potent than “protection of the citizens of Benghazi from massacre by Gaddafi” that was used to intervene in Libya.

Things changed since 2011. First, Westerners are tired of the spreading never ending wars. Second, the Russians said “Nyet”. Finally, Americans realized they would be providing air support for Al Qaeda.

The Russian plan to destroy the regime’s chemical weapons saved Obama’s ass when he suddenly was forced to back down from the attack.


We can conclude, fairly confidently, that the Assad regime was not responsible for the Sarin attacks. Even more clearly, the Obama regime desired to send out signals that it was prepared for war, and was willing to discount some intelligence and manipulate facts in order to create that messaging. But why? Was it a public show of support for Israel and SA's back-door hectoring? A desire for a credible threat in order to support negotiations? A desire to bait the Syria war hawks out of the closet? All of these reasons? One motivation I doubt is that Obama desired war against Assad and was willing to manipulate evidence in order to do it. He could have gone through with it if he wanted it badly enough.

FB Ali

The women and children in the house in which the raid took place were later taken into custody by the Pakistan army. Various reports appeared in the media about them subsequently, mostly through leaks (some of them deliberate). In these they were referred to as ObL's wives and children. In not one was there a suggestion that the person living with them and killed in the raid was NOT ObL.

It would have been in the interests of the Pakistan authorities to suggest otherwise, had there been any basis for that.



A mistake typically made is to ascribe purpose to bumbling ineptitude. pl

Babak Makkinejad

I am willing to trust the words of the Iranian Foreign Minister that Iran had warned other countries that sarin is being sent to Syria.

I think it is safe to assume that either Saudi Arabia or Turkey had supplied it.

Which means that Turkey or Saudi Arabia now belong to the US State Department's category of "State Sponsors of Terrorism".

Will there be retaliation against either country?

I think not.

I also think in the absence of such retaliation - public or private - there could be future incidents of gas attacks against civilians.

This was an insane endeavor from conception to execution and its formulator and executors belong in the Looney bin.

Charles I

I recall reports stating that "sources" or some such alleged Dna was taken from the corpse and some of the alleged bin Laden children on site, used to "confirm" the i.d.

Here's a report citing i.d. confirmation via a bin laden sister's dna, while simultaneously reporting that photos of the stiff circulating OBL to me.


Charles I

The claim is that the analysis of all the communication via the all interstices of the straw leads to the un-indicted needle in question, all the rest chaff that in no way violates your constitution.

I believe the first may be true, I'm certain the latter is.

Cheque's in the mail, promise not to cum in your mouth, Let me be honest with you, etc, ec,

Charles I

Another is "Its all about me" analysis.


Charles I

"Another is "Its all about me" analysis." referring to whom? pl



Yes, I know this. I also know that there is testamony from his "wifes" being with him and a Pakistani doctor jailed for working with the CIA in a polio campaign to find OBL and so on.

That evidence didn't convince me. PL was probably right about my bile. Since the WMDs in Iraq claims followed Hill & Knowlton's Kuwaiti incubator babies my level of mistrust on anything the US government tells the world about war and peace is really quite high.


"The palace intrigues taking place in our government are more vicious and vile that anything in "Game of Thrones.""

Yes, which is why I found it interesting when Obama announced his decision he emphasized overriding his cabinet's position on the matter.


Hersh's report seems consistent with an interesting open exploration of the public evidence. For some perspective on what can be known from public information, a crowd-sourced blog was set up to examine the Ghouta incident following the claims and counter claims about who was responsible.

This work process is described as follows:

"This blog was created to counter these disinformation campaigns, by providing an open online collaboration platform to investigate who is behind the attack. It turned out to be very successful with dozens of contributors meticulously documenting and analyzing thousands of pieces of evidence. Due to the sensitivity of the matter, high standards were enforced: Only reliable evidence verified by multiple sources may be used. No unverifiable statements from a single source, no generous interpretations of blurred images, and no cherry-picked circumstantial evidence."

The resulting findings and full supporting analysis process are at http://whoghouta.blogspot.se/2013/11/the-conclusion.html

The bottom line of this work is "The only plausible scenario that fits the evidence is an attack by opposition forces."

I would be curious to know what the intelligence professionals among us think of this work?

Charles I

Referring to our own vastly ignorant take on the world - as though its just like us, wants to be like us, thinks in the same contexts as us, can be made both to be like us and to like us, which I take to be a theme in your critique of ends based intelligence picking.

Margaret Steinfels

I've looked at this site...and repeat the question: what do intelligence professionals make of it?



Then, who was killed in the US helicopter that got torched in the OBL backyard? The guy who lived across the street was on his roof and saw it blow up after the supposed rescue. This was on Pakistan TV. I have the clip (later translated by an official US translator), which was subsequently wiped from the web.

The guy across the street was interviewed within an hour of the announcement by a female anchor from a Paki news station.



The helicopter was destroyed by the raiders because it had been disabled. pl

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