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05 December 2013


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You're one angry guy.
BTW, I'm not a fan of Israel nor it's leaders.
I just have less use for Iran and their constant "death to America" BS.
As far as "snide comments", this is my good side.



What about all of Israel's nuclear toys that neither they (Israeli Government and its wacky leadership) nor their stick figures in and out (AIPAC) of our U.S. Congress want to talk about?

Let's put Israel's nuclear toys on the table, let's get their Israeli nuclear weapons all out in the open for all the world to see and disassemble.


TV, read history. America killed Iranians first in the CIA overthrow of democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran Mohammed Moussadec. Then, USA supported Saddam Hussein attack on Iran in 1980.

Iran needs to defend themselves against us (US).



In fact, the USA did not support Iraq's attack on Iran. We began to support Iraq's operational planning when the Saudis and Kuwaitis came to believe that Iran might break through the Iraqi Army in the southern sector. pl

Charles I

I didn't really intend it that way but to glibly distinguish hared of an object - Israel with "hatred" of behaviour, the latter seeming impossible to me. I acknowledge soldiers are not per force sinners, until they sin. I'm not very fit to judge sins of war, or redemption. I love you and TTG, hard men, for believing in and espousing it. Difficult as an agnostic-at-best civvy to really understand these in the context of war.

Just to be a hair splitter, I could take from your last sentence that "willfully continue" contains the implication, or conclusion that unwillful, maybe even willful violence against non combatants can go a bit so long as it does not willfully continue, the line being a matter of Just War military necessities,practicalities and legalities, and somehow non-Redemptive status a divination of those temporal considerations. Call in the church lawyers, beyond my resolution.

Basically ignorant on all the theology, bless you for getting a reactive bleeder like me to at least let these ideas of honor and Christianity enlarge my understanding of them and war.


Charles I

"willfully continue" What I meant was that harm to civilians may happen while conducting legitimate military operations but when that does happen and one learns of it, one must stop. pl



Only towards a frauds like you and Benjamin.

"BTW, I'm not a fan of Israel nor it's leaders"

Typical Timmy, always above the fray though lashing out at all whom disagree.

You have less use for Iran and the Marg Bar Amrikia rally cry and therefore the United States should not look after its interests? Or only if negotiated by people preapproved by you? Such as...? Barbara Ann?

Cyber muscles don't make the man.


"Cyber muscles"!!!
This is a blog thread - about a place thousands of miles away.
You've got some cyber tough guy issues of your own.
Get hosed down and have a nice life.

The beaver

This is back in the news again.
From WaPo:

Charles I

That's sorta the common sense temporal line I was trying to relate to my completely ignorant concepts of who is fit for Redemption when. Next cross would be what level of "legitimate" is displaced by what level of awareness.

Surely an easier question for the honourable and Christian than for a lawyer.

What an interesting couple of threads this and de Klerk yet lives have generated

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