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27 December 2013


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Babak Makkinejad

I think SCO is not an analogue of NATO or EU - it is mostly a forum for discussion with not much substance - say a real development bank - behind it.

I also think that Turkish leaders - Islamic and not-so-Islamic - do not have it in them to chart a very independent foreign policy that you suggest.


Speaking of entertainment, the twitter idiots are back. See https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/news/africa/8990-tamarrod-founders-prepare-to-call-for-removing-current-authorities



I'm not off the opinion that the US is still the main sponsor of islamisation and jihadi terrorism in the world.

I put a question about the scope in terms of time and geography of US support of jihadi extremism - for which there is for example strong evidence in the 80s in Afghanistan. I said many government people and lawmakers in countries like Russia and China have similar questions.

And I noted that some of those in official positions in Russia and China who don't have such questions hold the view that there is no such question because for them it's clear that the US is still the main sponsor of islamisation and jihadi terrorism in the world.

As proof for the assertion that this belief is indeed held by influental people in Russia I linked an interview with Yevgeny Fyodorov, an influential lawmaker of Putin's governing party. In that interview he clearly states that he - and not only he - thinks that the US is the driving force behind the islamic terrorism in Russia and that the US uses it as tool for pressuring Russia.

Is it a reason to be banned here to say what views influential Duma lawmakers of Russia's ruling party hold?

Ishmael Zechariah

Colonel Lang,

Dissenting voices, as long as they follow your general rules, might provide a clearer perspective for some of us.
Please accept my wishes of a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014 for you and yours, and for all SST.

Ishmael Zechariah


Perhaps 'greed', like thermodynamics, has its own second law: Greed can neither be created nor destroy, just changed in form?



I understand that English is not your native language and so misunderstandings are possible but if you are going to quote people who have such hostile attitudes toward the US then you must make it very clear whether or not this your own position. I often testify in federal court as an expert witness in national security cases and have had the experience of federal prosecutors seeking to discredit my testimony by quoting from SST to demonstrate bias on my part. On one occasion a prosecutor tried to make the case that because I had allowed a comment it must be true that I agreed with the comment. pl


Turkish minister says fending off "mini-coup attempt" http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/12/31/us-turkey-corruption-idUSBRE9BU0BC20131231

Alba Etie

Col Lang
It would be IMO a complete fabrication for a prosecutor or anyway else to assert that simply because a comment is made at SST - that is a comment that you agree with or that the comment is by any definition true. So should there be any DOJ 'lurkers' here viewing our correspondence any number of us - myself included ; - would be very happy to disabuse the notion that just because its cited here at SST that you or me or any of the usual suspects would agree with the comments ~moreover would believe the comment was factual . Furthermore as I complete lay person -I would assert that if one of our Federal Prosecutors tried to argue that a comment posted here meant you or anyone here automatically agreed with the comment made & further the was a factual statement - why that would appear to me to be just lazy 'prosecutorial lawyering " in a federal court .
( excuse the run on sentences ,never was much good at grammar :).. )

PS .. should there be any such DOJ 'lurkers' here let me add a postscript ...
No deal on Pollard - he needs to rot in jail ...

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