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10 December 2013


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The guy who wrote the Foreign Policy piece is the blogger "Brown Moses".

Earlier this year he had facebook conversations with one Matthew VanDyck who as a "journalist" was in Syria (and before in Libya) fighting with the insurgents. VanDyck told "Brown Moses" that the insurgents had some chemical weapons.

The facebook talks and VanDycks emails were stolen by the Syrian Electronic Army (government supporters) and is published here: http://leaks.sea.sy/vandyke-leaks/#KnewRebels.

The talks also reveal that both VanDyck as well as "Brown Moses" have a "diamond sponsor" named "Nathan" from Virginia.

"Brown Moses" never revealed that he was told of insurgent chemical capabilities but did everything he could to involve the Syrian government. He is now beating a strawman refuting stuff Hersh never claimed.

Dan Kaszeta, a former U.S. chemical warfare officer, does the same. Here he refutes what he says is Hersh's claim that Jabhat al-Nusra made Sarin. https://now.mmedia.me/lb/en/commentaryanalysis/524969-524969-why-seymour-hersh-has-it-wrong-this-time

Think is Hersh never claimed that. Hersh said al-Nusra "acquired" Sarin but doesn't say who made it.

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