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29 December 2013


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"The fixation on Al Qaeda might have distracted experts from more imminent threats. Those now look like intelligence failures." The NYT points out the obvious, yet fails to recognize that this has been true even as BHO was running for re-election claiming to have 'decimated' the leadership of Al Qaeda. Even better is the quote from page one: "..the risks of expecting American aid ... to buy durable loyalty" Has anyone at the NYT heard of Jonathan Pollard and the repeated demands by Israeli politicians to release him? What loyalty has all that aid 'bought'?

"In this case, a central figure in the attack ...." Of course the central figure is one lone 'eccentric' surely all those young men would never rally to a man who spent a lifetime in prison. Didn't South Africa just bury a man who fits that description? Oh he had a formal education, so surely no one would follow an uneducated man. Mr. Abu Khattala seems to understand American politicians far better than they understand Libya: “It is always the same two teams, but all that changes is the ball,” he said in an interview. “They are just laughing at their own people.”

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