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06 November 2013


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Syria - Everyone knew it was coming, we are doomed on the Middle East.

Virginia's Big Mac Attack - The GOP abandoned Cooch financially and spiritually early in October. Some support would have made a diffrence, but Party now resembles to the cast of The wizard of Oz.

Reince Priebus = Scarecrow

John Boehner = Tinman

Mitch McConnell = Cowardly Lions


Forgot to add:


Norbert M. Salamon

off topic, sorry:
Israel has demolished an R.C. church in Jerusalem - they must be aiming to please His Holiness, the Pope.


Since I don't follow Virginia politics/events, an you explain what was wrong with Cuccinelli?
McAuliffe seems to be a pretty obnoxious career "insider."


"Indications suggest Syria may attempt to hide chemical stash, U.S. official says". http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/1.556534

As you predicted Colonel. Do you have a crystal ball?

William R. Cumming

Both Governors elected yesterday may be fun to watch but both lacking in GRAVITAS!

Good governing like soldiering very tough work!

Will Reks

I think that people didn't vote for McCauliffe as against his opponent. Liberals like to tie up the right wing agenda just as much as conservatives like to stand in the way of "progress". Sure, McCauliffe isn't going to pass gun control or legalize gay marriage any time soon in Virginia but he might be able to leverage a Medicaid expansion through the legislature. At the very least, based on his background, he'll try to attract businesses and jobs to his state. Divided government and restraint are good things given our current political climate.


Will Reks

what possible "leverage" do you think he will have? pl

David Habakkuk

After this kind of nonsense, how can Americans recommend democracy as an unqualifiedly successful system to the Chinese, the Russians, and indeed many other peoples having to put up with governments whcih may be unloveable, but to which the alternatives might be worse?

The Twisted Genius


Check out how Cuccinelli got the nomination over Bill Bolling, the centrist Republican current lieutenant governor. That whole process left me convinced that Cuccinnelli is a backstabbing liar and certainly not a Virginia gentleman. I have no doubt Bolling would have been the next governor if he was the Republican nominee.

McCauliffe is far more a PT Barnam than a Thomas Jefferson. I wouldn't call him a Virginia gentleman, either. Medicaid expansion is his priority. He wants to retain the Republican Bill Hazel as health and Human Resources secretary. This pisses off the liberals, but it's an effort to build consensus for his number one priority.

The Twisted Genius

Best win of the night was the Caps 6-2 victory over the Islanders. Their power play and penalty killing teams are smoking. The best moment was Ovi forgoing a hat trick to assist 19 year old rookie Tom Wilson in getting his first NHL goal... and a shaving cream pie in the face.


That trio was not running for office in Virginia.


Anonymous strikes again. Perhaps Kerry can have dinner with Assad again and straighten this out.


Just what businesses is he going to attract that prior governors were unable to attract?


David Habakkuk

In fact, Virginia politics is normally played as a civilized game under civilized rules. Neither of these characters fit the usual cast. McCauliffe put Dr. Ralph Northam on the ballot for Lt. Governor to try to hold out an olive branch to normal people. the same thing is true of Herring. pl



He will not get a Medicaid expansion. pl


"Check out how Cuccinelli got the nomination over Bill Bolling, the centrist Republican current lieutenant governor. That whole process left me convinced that Cuccinnelli is a backstabbing liar and certainly not a Virginia gentleman."

For someone who graduated from the University he has a particularly limited understanding of what it means to be a Virginian.

nick b

Was this campaign that much worse than other hard fought Va. statewide campaigns, like Coleman/Wilder or Allen/Webb? I was under the impression that Va. was no stranger to tough politics.

Will Reks

I don't understand the premise of your question. I think McCauliffe can do that simple task which previous and future governors will and have done.

Will Reks

I don't know that divided government means nothing will get accomplished in Virginia for the next four years. We've seen medicaid expansion passed in a few other states that had been opposed to it after pressure from hospital groups. Perhaps there is some quid pro quo deal that will satisfy the House of Delegates. I don't know. If he gets nothing done then that's all the better for his national prospects.


You said it, brother. The Caps are my refuge from politics.



sports freaks. pl


Will Reks

The premise of your comments is that accomplishing "progressive" goals is desirable. Go sell that in Richmond. "A quid?" what would that be? What? He will get Obama not to close some major military facility? You don't understand this place at all. They will eat him for lunch in Richmond. My town , Alexandria, gave Micky boy half the vote needed to win and you think he can govern? BTW, it was 2.5 percent not 3%. pl


nick B

it was much worse. pl

Will Reks

Your question was about what McCauliffe thought he could accomplish in Richmond with a Republican House. Now it seems you didn't actually want any speculation about that. I don't much care whether McCauliffe expands Medicaid or not but it does seem to be his number one priority. If he fails to sell Republicans on that, so be it.

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