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28 November 2013


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Thank you. As with the Turkey in the oven and the pies a baking this leaves me with a warmer feel. Combine both, a little less of the first, and you may have the start of a book. We all have a seamy side, some more than others, that we will never reveal and being public it always comes out but is only a small part of a man thus you have furthered Camelot just a little more.



I do not share your admiration for JFK, but... pl


This tour de force says more about Richard Sale's insight into people.



I concur with Mr Sale and Isiah Berlin. I cannot say more without making a self referential quote from the aforementioned article. I know SFA about Kennedy, Cuba and a whole lot more.

William R. Cumming

Robert Caro's 4th volume on biography of LBJ is much about JFK!.

Caro believes that some months into the JFK Administartion VP Johnson came to realize JFK no lightweight but forged steel from sickness, family, war, politics, and personal growth.

LBJ was a man who like Father Joe Stalin and Joe Kennedy knew how to find the weakness in a man but perhaps more difficult to know a man's strengths.


Perhaps you're erring on the side of generosity to credit Kennedy with the writing of two books. On both efforts he received a good deal more help than most of us would.

Sorensen and Kennedy worked on "Profiles in Courage" together in much the way you describe. Sorensen did most, not all, of the actual writing and the theme and general direction of the project was that of his boss. Nothing wrong or particularly unusual about that in terms of modern politicians and their books. PinC is readable, which is more than you can say for most such efforts. The iffiest part of the business is Kennedy's accepting the Pulitzer for it. That's a writer's award. I suppose he couldn't very well turn it down once awarded, but the prize was not richly deserved, let us say.

Kennedy had a way of being able to talk to people in all walks of life without talking down. He was a very different rich kid from, say, Mitt Romney. I expect his service in the military had something to do with that. You never hear him use locutions like "folks" as Obama does, and it's hard to imagine him describing the decline of the nation's infrastructure in public as, "We're relying on old stuff...We should have some new stuff." Hear that language sing!

JFK did spend a lot of time with British politicians, who do know how to speak, so perhaps that had something to do with it as well.....

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