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03 November 2013


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"the Syrian army is evolving into something far more dangerous to its enemies than the conventional 60s era Soviet model army it once was. It is also gaining experience in joint operations with Hizbollah, the Quds Force and Iraqi Shia volunteers. Israel is worrying about the wrong threat."

TTG, you do mean the Syrian army becoming more dangerous by capability and not intent? Can you please elaborate?

I see that the Syrians have a fully justified and understandable problem with the Israelis attacking them at whim. Every Israeli air strike at Syria is an act of war, not to mention the en passant violations of Lebanese airspace. The latter occur on an almost daily basis. Still, I can't see Syria any time soon starting offensive action against Israel.

As for "Anything but Assad" - by my observation the worst thing is that in America such a policy, once under way, stays on course no matter what. America in such matters is doctrinaire to a point that the Kermlin old guard would feel compelled to pay grudging respect.

Case in point is America's perpetual embargo on Cuba that persists for half a century now. Currently it is illegal for U.S. citizens to spend money in Cuba. That the embargo doesn't work doesn't matter - because lifting would be appeasement or something of the sort. Ludicrous.


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