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25 November 2013


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nick b

Are the Mason's still doing the car auction? Maureen Lang,
do you still have that sweet pick up? The pic is awesome.
Happy early thanksgiving to all.

Maureen Lang

nick b,

Mason's Hot Rods held their 13th annual Cruise In the first part of November, topped by a classic car raffle. Once again all proceeds of the show were given to local charities in Spartanburg SC.

Still have our 1940 Ford pick up. The Masons' hard work restoring it paid some dividends in addition to the joys of driving it around: our truck has won several awards at local shows over the past few years. Thanks for asking.

May I join in to wish a happy Thanksgiving week to all at SST.

Alba Etie

My wife and me will get our already prepared free range smoked turkey dinner with all the fixings Thanksgiving morning from Whole Foods market Bee Caves Texas- and drive to Houston to spend two days with my Dad & Step Mom . And we will be driving the back roads to enjoy fully our Texas Fall. It is not every Fall that we have such spectacular colored leaves as we do now. Moreover as an added Thanksgiving Blessing we have had thirteen inches of rain in Central Texas since the last week in September . Much to be thankful about .

Maureen Lang

Alba Etie,

A lot to be thankful about indeed- a smoked turkey dinner, a beautiful Fall drive bringing it to the family, plus much needed rainfall. Sounds just about perfect.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Alba Etie

Thank you Maureen . I have really enjoyed your Athenauem post entries over the years . Particularly the musical such as Appalachian Spring .

different clue

This tree looks "like" a Japanese maple but it looks too big. Is it a sweetgum tree?

Maureen Lang

different clue,

Good call on the tree: It's a sweetgum.

Have a good Thanksgiving weekend.

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