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30 November 2013


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That was the scuttlebutt in the late 90s but no one paid attention (meaning the national media) because of attention to Clinton's peccadilloes. The tech people I knew said yes because Cohen's group knew how to access the same trunk lines they were siphoning from, and had the retail call record data. Doubt that's going on after Boeing took over. Then there is this: Part 3, which I KNOW is accurate:


Watch Eben Moglen here explain what the architecture problem is. Nice thing is that he's so damn smart and plain speaking that it's a joy to listen to him:

Another good one, and only 15 minutes is this:

Jon Tupper

That's incredible. I'm a layperson and can follow the basic thread of his logic and linguistics. Amazing. Needed:::: translation for the common man as many people I know are beginning to feel very, very freaked out by technology.

Mark Kolmar

TTG, others - To whittle a point into my earlier point, I would be less worried about leaky drivers than about functionality built into specific business applications, where your leak knows the environment, has access to the data, and can interpret the data meaningfully. Our consumer level data connections barely can upload enough secrets, even if they knew what kind of secrets.

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