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27 November 2013


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The "tons" of HEU is a bit misleading. Tons of HEU went to NUMEC, "Material unaccounted for" or MUF was notably high at NUMEC and it is likely that some of this MUF was diverted to Israel. The diversion probably amounted to hundreds of pounds, not "tons."

Everyone is familiar with "tons of yellowcake," but "tons of HEU" are unnecessary for a viable weapons program. Just ask Mordechai Vanunu.


This story has legs.

When Holder and Obama fail to prosecute (repeating the DOJ's utter defeat in prosecuting hundreds of conventional smugglers back in the 1940's) it will show a new generation of Americans how corrupting the influence of the Israel lobby truly is.

Of course, when activists asked for warranted prosecutions back then, the State Department and DOJ told them to go to hell.

See: http://irmep.org/ILA/Dacey/default.asp

robt willmann

In the photograph at the top of this posting of Shimon Peres, Milchan, and Netanyahu, by all appearances, Milchan is in charge.


Obama has a sense of humor apparently....



This is a reminder that Pollard did not act alone, and he was backed up by an "X Committee" of leading neocons who were all over the Pentagon and the NSC during the Reagan years, and came back again under two Bush presidencies. Pollard was a spy who passed U.S. Cold War secrets to Israel, and Israel in turn traded them to the Soviets in exchange for the exodus of a million Soviet Jews to Israel, among other things. Pollard deserves to spend the rest of his life in American jail, but that does not adequately address the magnitude of the spy network that should have been, but was never rolled up. Milchan is one gloating example of how much this apparatus has gotten away with over the years. He taunts the U.S. by boasting that his Hollywood credentials won him a stay-out-of-jail card. If you go back all the way to the Carter era, Dr. Steven Bryen was caught red handed passing U.S. defense secrets to Israeli agents at the Madison Hotel. Top DOJ officials bucked the FBI investigators and prevented prosecution. The Pollard case was the exception. The vast majority of instances, including Milchan, where Israeli espionage was exposed, have gone unprosecuted. This is a crime that did not begin with Obama and Holder, but they should not be let off the hook. Fast and Furious, Milchan, Wall Street banksters all given a free ride.


Pollard was "low enough" to be the fall guy, is that it?

And has there been any "roll up" of the larger support network, or is it operating as well as ever?

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