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21 November 2013


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Karzai being his cagey self, has thrown another "killing with kindness" monkey wrench into the process. While endorsing the deal, denouncing the US behavior and calling for the loya jurga to endorse the BSA, he also announced that he would not sign the accord until AFTER the next presidential elections. Implication is that he does not want to affix his signature on the agreement, preferring to retire in safety to his palace in the UAE. This is a death blow, in reality, to the deal. The Obama Administration should take advantage of this latest rub, and just get out. If competent diplomacy were in play, we'd encourage the neighbors--Russia, China, Pakistan, India, Iran, the "stans" to come up with a regional security/economic plan to facilitate the transition. But with Obama in a presidential meltdown, that is highly unlikely.

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