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13 November 2013


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"... government forces — bolstered by fighters from Lebanon's Shiite militant Hezbollah group and Shiite militants from Iraq..."

I very much doubt the claims of Hizbullah and Iraqi Shia fighters everywhere. In any report I have seen the sources for these claims are always the insurgents.

Nasrallah has openly declared that after Quasair, which was an announced and limited assault, his forces would only be involved in the areas very near to the Lebanese border. At the time of Quasair assault there were many reports from Lebanon about burials of Hizbullah fighters. We have not seen such reports for quite some time. If Hizbullah is seriously engaged around Damascus, Homs and Aleppo where are all the dead fighters?

It is about the same from the side of the Iraqi Shia groups. Any public declaration of such involvement was always restricted to the Sayyida Zaynab shrine. Where are the reports of casualties and burials from Iraqi fighters who died in Syria?

I presume that there are some Iranian Revolutionary Guard special ops folks in Syria. But those will be most advise/train/assist forces, not the tip of the spear of Syrian army assaults.

Unless we some neutral reporting on the issue any claim of Hizbullah and Iraqi Shia involvement should be taken with lots of salt.

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