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24 November 2013


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Babak Makkinejad


Technical Discussion of Gas Centrifuges - until 1962



nick b

Just me, or did the articles not come through as links?


no, that's not just you:


seems there is a free pdf available.

and the second you quite possibly could find here:

with the details provided.

I have to leave.

nick b

Thanks LeaNder. I found the book Dr. Silverman mentions at the Sipri site. Here is the full link:


It's very technical. I wanted to better understand cascades and reflux in the centrifuge process. I was not disappointed. It's all in there and, with some work, is generally understandable to the layman.


Hi, nick b, I was in a hurry yesterday. But I am unfortunately not a student anymore and thus without access to online available matters from home. But quite some time ago I realized it makes sense to check if these matters are available freely, before ordering anything via interlibrary loan. After that I also checked if it was available for me without going there. Occasionally it is.

SIPRI simply rang a bell. I didn't even try to find the doc.

Charles I

Scribid is another source of a huge range of free docs, registration required.

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