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02 November 2013


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Oysters may not be on my menu this weekend, a dry aged steak from Crabill's, however, is on it now.


You can still get REAL Chesapeake oysters? They are the ONLY oysters. They were/are a form of prayer [same goes for WVA peaches]. Thought they had all died of the pox. Must keep up with things.

William R. Cumming

It beats the Urbanna VA oyster festival which is older! IMO of course!

Charles I

Enjoy, is Lola able to go?

nick b

St. Michaels is such a beautiful area. The wife and I are big fans of the Inn at Perry Cabin. Pardon my geographic ignorance, but isn't that quite a long drive from Alexandria? I hope you had fun.


nick B

It has become excessively touristy. It's about 2 hours. Lola did not come but there were lots of dogs, Chesapeakes, Labradors and other gun dogs prevailed. pl

John Minnerath

My taste buds are raging with jealousy.
My Lab is having a fit she missed the gathering.


Great memories of St. Michaels, long ago. Our boss had a 38ft. Morgan yawl moored across the bay from Annapolis. He would round up us young Navy Lts. and go there for a long weekend of sailing.

St. Michaels was always a special destination where we docked, dined, and anchored nearby nearly 40 years ago, but still so very fondly remembered today.

William R. Cumming

The Inn at Perry Cabin? Wow! It was $250 a night before it was remodeled! Nice though!

William R. Cumming

Northern Neck of Virginia less expensive than MD Eastern Shore. Of course no Richard Cheney and Don Rumsfeld as neighbors.


Sounds marvelous, and also a happy indicator for the renewed health and productivity of the Chesapeake. I've always favored the crabs over the oysters there, but one can't be too choosy!

scott s.

Used to live in 'Nap town. What I remember is in the late fall, after all the tourists left, the oyster boats would come in and moor at City Dock, making downtown look like a real working city (not counting the Yard of course).

We lived there because I was assigned to Arlington (Crystal City) and my wife was assigned to USNA, so we decided to live "in between", which of course really meant Annapolis. (In fairness, at that time other than Bowie, Crofton, or Davidsonville there really wasn't any "in between".)

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