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11 November 2013


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Netanyahu knows that if a deal is struck between the P5+1 and Iran, his political future is doomed. He is tolerated because of the fear factor so dominant in Israeli politics, but if this Iran bogeyman is tamed, this will trigger a long-overdue political realignment of sane political forces and Bibi will be history. He is so divorced from genuine Israeli security interests that the ex-Mossad and IDF people will continue to come out against him. Even Avigdor Lieberman in his first day back as Foreign Minister attacked Bibi's loud mouthed attacks on the US around the Iran talks.

Charles I

And yet the appointment of Lieberman as FM - albeit arguably out of domestic political expediency - says it all.


So does this: http://rt.com/news/palestinian-children-settler-attack-738/

I'll bet that the White House will really condemn this....until they realize the terrorist was Israeli.


Very good movie. According to others interviewed in the film Shalom, who looks quite grandfatherly and speaks strongly for talking to the enemy, was the toughtest of tough guys and frightened everybody out of their wits back in the day.

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