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04 October 2013


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David Habakkuk

Colonel Lang,

I hope that after a due lapse of time you feel able to reinstate them. Certainly, I can see the absolute necessity of maintaining civility on this blog -- which arises precisely from the way in which it brings people of vastly different backgrounds and ideas together, in a way that inevitably sparks conflict and bitterness.

However, while with all these three there are occasions on which I have strongly disagreed with what they have written, I have found comments they have posted giving me food for thought, and helping me in the always rather difficult attempt to keep a relatively open mind.


David Habakkuk

Good order and reasonable manners will be maintained. "Flogging will continue until morale improves." pl

steve g


I personally enjoy this site because of not
only the subjects discussed but the disparate
personalities that take part. I would like to
think I learn something every time I log on.
You and many others far removed from these shores
give us an unvarnished perspective from different
cultural and historical backgrounds. I disagree
that this would occasionally or inevitably lead
to conflict or bitterness as I have not seen
this from the above mentioned participants.



People will respect each other and act respectfully or there will be no SST. I don't need to put up with trashy behavior. pl

Dr. K

Isn't this the second second time Tyler and GCP have been given a timeout?


Dr. K.

Yes and I may add more. pl

steve g

Col Lang
I was referring to David H
and others not from the US
not the people you banned.
Sorry for the cloudy phrasing.

Peter Brownlee

Thank you for this.

In my view we are your guests; uncivil and uncivilised behaviour (two non-US spellings in a row) is unacceptable and tedious.

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