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13 September 2013


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John Minnerath

After that stirring review I gotta watch it again, ah yup.

Steve Colton

Must now track this down and see it! And sending the link to my Finnish (or whatever) friends. Thanks.

Charles I

Thanks for exhibiting your usual flair & perspicacity. I must, however, quibble. Bad as the actual Troll rendering is, without it it'd be like Hobo Without A Shotgun without The Drake, never mind all the low budget gore.

Rune Aaslid

Thanks for the review, I hurried to order the DVD. Trolls are fascinating!
You write: Norse “Ovredahl” (“oaf valley” in Norwegian… or Finnish …or Swedish… like there’s a difference....)
Ovredahl means upper valley in Norwegian.

And as you say, there is not much difference between Swedish and Norwegian, however Finnish is a totally different language not understood by the Scandinavians. (Finland BTW is not part of Scandinavia)
From Rune, a frequent reader of SST, originally from Norway

House Wulf

Troll Hunter is a funny movie--worth watching. Another movie that shows the Swedish sense of humor on vampires is "FrostBiten."

nick b

I hope I enjoy the movie as much as I did the review. Truly worth the shaming I got to have set off the discussion that inspired it. I mentioned this movie to two dads this morning at our sons' football practice. They had both seen and liked it. Described to me as 'that troll movie from Sweden or Norway or Finland, whichever'.


Hey come on, get it straight, It's a Norwegian movie. Otto Jespersen (the Troll Hunter) is a famous Norwegian comedian.
If you want to see a great Finnish movie, check out "Man without a Past"

Medicine Man

Welcome back, Mr. Farrell.

I haven't seen this one yet but I will have to remedy that. It sounds like this Norwegian (or Swedish or Danish) film is a good piece of diversion.



off-the topic, out-of-touch, and behind-the-times, BUT.....

Has Farrell reviewed "In the Loop" anywhere?


Troll hunter is a masterpiece that shows $4 million bucks, cultural insight, and due fidelity to fairy tale lore can produce deliver more entertainment payload that even Hollywood's latest billion-dollar Transformer dross.

Glad to see the Col. also has excellent taste in Nordic cinema.

The news footage at the end is an unexpected knee-slapper.

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