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02 September 2013


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FB Ali

"...... The wars are killing us"

They're killing us, too!


FB Ali

My duty is to the United States. I am trying to do that as I always have done. I have made it clear that I am repelled by the antic capering of recent American administrations. What do you want me to do, defect to Harper's Canada? pl


Col. Lang, is the messianism of which you speak morphing into a lust for planetary domination?

To borrow a phrase from an Australian politician, are we in a "crash through or crash" situation?

What happens if Obama succeeds in attacking Syria and they and the Iranians aided by Russia and abetted by China, succeed in engaging in a robust and costly defence?

The Russians are good chess players, that may stump poker players like McCain.


Col. Lang,

On the subject of your own actions, I am sure you have done way, way more to try and inject reason, sanity, dignity, true patriotism and plain common sense into Washingtons deliberations than you could, or should, ever let on at your website and at great personal cost. Whatever happens we salute you.



The simple answer is yes. This kind of mindlessness is spreading with the dumbing down of the culture. pl

FB Ali

Col Lang,

You are doing your duty in exemplary fashion. You provided valuable service to your country in the past and are doing the same now. I hope it is adequately appreciated by your country.

From an outsider's point of view you are also fulfilling a great need in raising your voice against those actions of your country's leaders that negate the noble ideals on which it is founded, and which cause other countries and their peoples much grief.

As for Harper's Canada, I'm afraid you won't find much peace here. This gentleman is trying his best to make this country a camp-follower of the US in its "antic capering".


As a flight of fancy, I wonder if there is a different period in our history (meaning the US) that can serve as a touchstone? Outside the waves of messianism that seem to come with regularity?

"Built around mariners' journals of their pioneering voyages, "Yankee India" charts the early development of commercial and cultural relations between the United States and India in the Age of Sail. The end of colonial rule in 1783 had given American merchants and ship owners the freedom to trade in Asia. Voyages from ports along the eastern seaboard were the first American links to the distant and exotic culture of India. Mariners' journals and letters speak of encounters with vastly different ways of life that sometimes challenged and sometimes reinforced ideas about decorum, religion, and morality and that influenced attitudes toward imperialism, legitimate rule, and free trade." Amazon description to "Yankee India".


An academic book review I stumbled across opined that the book showed some early American traders "avoided forming judgement". Oh, they thought they were culturally superior but it was a more live-and-let live "American mariner"attitude. We trade with you, you trade with us, you are you, we are us, etc.


A quirk of US history or some other cultural strand that can nurtured and rediscovered?

One can only hope, the non-stop meddling is heartbreaking for us and for others.

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