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02 September 2013


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This is off-topic but I thought you might be interested in adding it to your collection of stories that contradict the official account of Syrian chemical weapons use. From the Russian language online newspaper Utro:


"US and Saudi Arabia Gave Chemical Weapons to the Rebels"

The article is in Russian but the gist is that the Syrian military has found chemical weapons precursors in the hands of the rebels in containers marked "Made in Saudi Arabia" or "Product of the USA".

I honestly don't know what to think about reports of this sort. The detail (the markings on the containers) actually makes me believe the story less rather than more since if I were supplying chemical weapons precursors to the rebels I wouldn't leave my fingerprints on them but it is what it is.

You might want to add this story to your collection. I do find it interesting that we're seeing multiple sources for the Syrian rebels having chemical weapons and, apparently, only a single unnamed, classified source for their use by the Syrian military.

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