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26 September 2013


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The drums for war in Syria have suddenly stopped for now but the aura of living in interesting times is still in the air. It feels like 1965, 1939, 1914 or 1860.

For the USA, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, regime change in Iran has been priority # 1. Syria was added to the list for being Iran’s ally. The only reason I can tell why these states are on America’s enemy list is that since 1979 the Mullahs have refused to bow down to the Transnational Elite.

Since all things come around again, the three states decided to replay Afghanistan once more by aiming Sunni Jihadist cannon fodder at the Syrian State. The Elite and corporate media avoid mentioning that America is actively supporting the same side as Al Qaeda in Syria, once again.

The Free Syrian Army defeat of Sunni true believers is just as likely as the puppet Catholic Saigon General winning the Vietnamese Civil War. Lackey Generals look and act the same across the world in each new generation. "Take the money and run."

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