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16 September 2013


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nick b

Over time, I have come to view Brooks as the NYT's useful idiot. Think about it. He's the token editorial 'conservative' at a liberal leaning newspaper. Isn't it his job to be the foil for the other marquis players on the op-ed page? In essence he's supposed to be wrong all the time. His job is to put lip stick on the pig. I'm not sure he really believes most of what he says. His m.o. is to attempt to put a pseudo intellectual spin on what are often anti-intellectual policies. So he trots out Burke or Niebuhr, and misinterprets them, to create a veneer of moral reasoning and intellect. But when he's done, and wrong, I think he sees it like he's a pitcher who just had a bad game, but there's another game tomorrow, so no big deal.

Who is Brooks' constituency anyway? I doubt it is the readership of the NYT, nor the viewership of PBS. He can't go full 'Hannity' in either of those venues, so he probably doesn't speak for most of the modern conservative movement either. Who does he speak for? I had to chuckle at some of the comments further down the page speaking of Brooks addressing 'national fears'. Does Brooks represent enough of a constituency that he can voice the 'national' anything? I'm just not sure who, if anyone, Brooks' opinions represent.

Medicine Man

Col.: For what it is worth, the feeling is mutual; though I can't say we tend to forget where the US is.


Se dice ¨viva la diferencia¨ en español....


Well, obviously it is all your fault. Clearly, if you had not said all that, it would not have happened (which is why, in dire times especially, the US intelligence services really need more optimistic people).

You may have been right with all your doom- and gloomsaying, but the sad fact is that probably you're just a witch. Brooks is likely afraid of you.

There you are.

Charles I

Bullshit, I KNOW you are not that! Let's agree on hard-hearted empath.

Charles I

Well no wonder America is such a great country!

 Larry Kart

Brooks is not the Times' only conservative (or "conservative") op-ed columnist; there's also Ross Douhat.

As for what Brooks' game is, if that's the way to put it, for years I've regarded him as a fairly specific sort of disinformation agent -- his role being to address one segment of American Liberalism in (by and large) a more or less "reasonable" tone of voice such that various neo-con or Right Wing positions (not always the same thing, I know) will begin to seem relatively housebroken, something to be given credence to, be given into or even outright supported if push comes to shove, which would be less the case (for that arguably rather pathetic segment of American Liberalism) if those views were only being enunciated by the likes of, say, Eric Cantor or anyone else who is essentially addressing the so-called "base."

I say "disinformation agent" because I don't think that Brooks necessarily believes anything he says; rather, his positions and, above all, his typically "reasonable"/"thoughtful" tone voice are essentially acts of manipulation aimed at that aforementioned segment of American Liberalism. Who does Brooks work for? I'm not sure it's as cut-and-dried as all that, though it might be. My guess, though, is that he thinks of himself as a would-be Grey Eminence who will be suitably rewarded for all his hard work once all enough of what he was worked like a mole to bring about has finally come to pass.


"... we're young, no war of independence, strong federal government, weaker provinces, mostly missed slavery and the racial divide..."

I believe the members of the "First Nations" would still like their lands back.


How about this: Brooks is a paid agent of existential evil. An American lord Haw-Haw manque with a foreign subsidy to spew evil against truth, beauty, honour, and intelligence.
A real life exemplar of Ayn Rand's Mort Liddy character; not brave enough to be a Bertram Scudder.

 Larry Kart

"A paid agent of existential evil" -- I like that; as Ira Gershwin once wrote, "Nice work if you can get it." Within that framework, though, I'm not sure that a fellow like Brooks needs to be literally paid by a foreign entity. if I'm right about him, his Times salary plus his own titillatingly sub rosa sense of mission is fuel and comfort enough. I mean, the guy thinks he's important and is making a difference in the world of public affairs -- what could be more intoxicating? And, sad to say, he is making a fairly insidious difference there.


Brooks deserves a free tour of Iraq. The duration of the tour would be one Friedman unit.

Charles I

Thanks I stand corrected, though I said heavy on the "mostly". Its easier for Canadians to blithely ignore their First Nations victims, as I just did, - less'n you need to get to the reserve to stock up on butts - than it is for Americans to ignore the Race ?, the Black vote, scowling youth in hoodies,etc. I thoughtlessly meant no white colonial war of independence tho the current Canadian govt certainly touts the War of 1812 as one, Indian allies and all.

Just drove through the Watha Reserve of the Gibson Band of the Mohawk Nation on my way down to the city today. Nice people, friends of mine for 40 years, with good food, cheap gas, cheap butts. Their Creator is much more like mine than my Christian heritage claims, which is partly why I live right next to it. No doubt partly why I think I failed to advert to them or their separateness from me, we live together in God's Country somebody else called it.

Then I had the good fortune to leave the highway and miss hours of closure due to a truck fire.

Great day to be grateful. Thanks for pointing out my utter mindlessness.

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