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09 September 2013


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I have no problem with "rhetoric" as a tool. I have a great of trouble with the notion of sustituting this tool for the study of content in the academy. pl



IMO you are overly concerned with sexual politics. What do you make of the fact that most reported sexual "assaults" in the US military are male on male? pl

SAC Brat

Having been around many foreign nationals that became US citizens, I've always thought the test given for citizenship by the INS would be a good start in applying for a voter registration card. Or resurrect Universal Military Training. http://www.historians.org/projects/GIRoundtable/UMT/UMT_TOC.html

Babak Makkinejad

Yes, I agree.

Now it is the young men of substance who study the content in the academy and go on to solve the problems at the end of the chapter while other young men and women are partying.



Yes, but the very structure of higher education is being altered to accomodate and create philistinism. For exampl the English Department at my alma mater is now "The Department of English, Rhetoric anbd Humanistic Studies." How convenient! Put all the disdained subjects in one department and then starve it until you can drown it. pl


It is much the same in other fields.

I am well-aware of the colonel's disdain for "political science," but, traditionally, this was a discipline (for a large segment of its practitioners) dedicated to the understanding of what goes on in politics--"we are trying to understand politics, not become politicians" used to be the de facto motto for much of the field. Its transformation into an industry (seemingly) dedicated to dispensing grandiloquent advice to politicians about what we "should" do to the rest of the world is largely a post world war 2 phenomenon. Last couple of decades, though, saw the latter category of charlatans increasingly displace the former as academia increasingly tries to become "relevant" and "practical."


The Principate approaches...

Alba Etie

Yes - we should all have to pass basic Citizen's of these United States competence test , a very good idea.

Alba Etie

Col Lang
It is my opinion that Robert H Heinlein is a Classic American Author - just as much as Samuel Clemons or James Fenimore Cooper . I had forgotten that in Starship Trooper you have had to serve to vote . In the Moon is a harsh Mistress - the moon colony rebelled for many of the same reasons we are faced with today . Some day when I retire I will reread Heinlein's works I remember that Farnham's Freehold is quite likely germane to current discussions here at SST .

Alba Etie

Rape should be a capital offense - period .

Ishmael Zechariah

Alba Etie,

The Colonel has already responded to your question. These folks will not leave quietly. They are afraid of the aftermath. We will need surgery.

Ishmael Zechariah


Troll Hunter! I enjoyed it immensely.

Thanks for holding this administration's feet to the fire.

I'm surprised how insulated the media seem from public opinion. I prefer internet access to cable or satellite TV, though; I like to pick my news and not be force fed. (Had to look up 'Principate' on Wikipedia. The definition will not be found on cable TV!)


Haven't seen that movie yet but just read Alan's book of poetry,
"Expended Casings" while sitting by the campfire a few miles West of Gettysburg.
It is well worth reading if you haven't. Done so already.



Alan is an older version of the young man in Walker Percy's "Lancelot" who is depicted as sitting in the moonlight on a mountain top in the Blue Ridge near Glasgow with a rifle across his knees. Alan has a way of saying things that old men like some of us here try to treasure but also to conceal from ourselves. In one of his poems he speaks of what it is like to stand with comrades around a rubber poncho laid on the ground, a poncho that bears the reverently placed "something" that was a friend a few minutes before. "Love makes memory eternal." pl

Alba Etie

Mr Zechariah ,
God Speed Sir - and we wish you a speedy recovery from the surgery .

Medicine Man

Thanks for the heads up on that, Fred. I've sent myself a link to peruse later.

Charles I

Amusing me to no end the address I got included "Unlucky Mountain". . . On your reccco I watched Trollhunter it is absurd, delightfully so. . . check out this version of Beowulf: Beowolf and Grendel, its gloomily bloodily fantastic, has great Trolls in it.


Charles I

SST come to be a big part of my academy.. . Clifford K used to leave a trail of cites kept me busy all winter trying to hunt down some connection with all his Guilds and Leagues and my old obsession with General Chennault and the Soongs. . .

Charles I

thanks for the tip


I took some inspiration from Heinlein for my novel but tried to avoid the lengthy political expositions that he was known for.

Verhoeven is a hack and should have been hung from his toes for that film.

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