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04 September 2013


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The IRS becomes suspicious if your charitable contributions are too exact--like $429.


Syrian Oppo: "Dead Syrian Ex-Minister Defects To Turkey"

Same guy:
Reuters, Sep 4, 2013: Exclusive: Former Syria defense minister breaks with Assad-Labwani
YnetNews, Sep 8, 2011: Syrian opposition: Ousted defense minister dead

As b writes: "So who dug him up?"

Alba Etie

Sadly Tyler it does make sense . Especially when its being reported here at SST that the first Golan Heights hydrocarbon leases have been let to a Dick Cheney / Rupert Murdoch owned company. There is also apparently a good amount of water up in the Golan Heights. I have tried to be objective about BHO - but its looking much more likely I will now be in about the third row up in the standing room only choir singing & calling out the Bull S--T chorus on the attack on al Assad . This smells increasingly like an Iraq redux . Ah me ..Where will General Dempsey wind up as this Syrian misadventure unwinds .

Alba Etie

And it appears even without Congressional approval - even if the overly broad resolution is voted down BHO will be going to Syria - then to Iran . Will we see Sr Leadership resignations over this ? And in a related matter the Electronic Syrian Army, apparently hacked the USMC yesterday and today . This all can go very badly very quickly.It might be getting close to time for some direct action civil disobedience .


Suppose that the military does its job "deterring and degrading" Asade's chemical capacity, but accidentally kills Asade and his regime completely collapses--then what happens on the ground?

This seems to be a real possibility. Nobody is discussing this possibility.

The beaver

I guess the lost of lives of young Americans in addition to all the other side-effects of war means Zilch to the politicos.

“In fact, some of them have said that if the United States is prepared to go do the whole thing the way we’ve done it previously in other places, they’ll carry that cost,” Kerry said. “That’s how dedicated they are at this. That’s not in the cards, and nobody’s talking about it, but they’re talking in serious ways about getting this done.

In the meantime, the financiers are having a good time in Nice, Marrakech and Istanbul :(


The incredible appearing then disappearing then reappearing Defector.

The rebels announced a press conference three days ago at which he would appear. Then they cancelled it.

During yesterday's press conference Kerry announced his defection, then ten minutes later announced that maybe he didn't defect.

We are relying on US "Intelligence" to inform us on whether or not we go to war. Looks like they aren't even smart enough to do a bit of elementary googling and discover whether a defector is alive or dead.


Another intervention supposedly paying for itself? Brilliant plan for the US to essentially rent out their armed forces to the Saudis and Qataris.

Republicans are reported to see great economic potential in this: The US could establish corporate mercenary armies that could be rented out at need to countries like that, dispensing with the hassle some encumbrance of congressional approval. After all, this would just be two private parties contracting, and nobody profits from having red tape being imposed on the free market. It only makes them miss windows of opportunity.


Since she is so empathic, I have a tip for Mrs. Wasserman Shultz, and that is that, right before she is about to be voting for bombing somebody, he looks at this.


Yes Mrs. Wasserman Shultz, those cruise misiles may kill kittens, too. And bystanding humans. Minor matter, that, and just mentioned for the record.

Alba Etie

And it also is being reported that Speaker Boehner turned down a requesting meeting with Russian authorities regarding the chemical attack . Of course Speaker Boehner is also not standing for re-election after 2014 . Hmmmm..

Alba Etie

Maybe this is what the Russians wanted to show Speaker Boehner but he refused their polite request for a meeting .. Perhaps Senator Rand Paul might take this meeting with the Russian IC community anyway .Now that would be a refreshing turn of events - especially if Sen Paul is running for President 2016 . Moreover should Madam Clinton get stuck in this Syrian neocon prevarication -its over for her in national politics . IMO once the Syrian military engagement starts - all bets are off , it will all end badly for all involved .

Alba Etie

Yeah and the Electronic Syrian Army has hacked the USMC recruiting website this week . Our aggression on Syria will end badly - nobody in the end likes a Bully ...




Alba Etie

I am taking four days off to go fishing with one of my best friends & best man at our wedding twenty two years ago . Apparently we can catch big salmon trolling East Bay in Lake Michigan . So I will be not on the internet tubes from today through Monday. Hopefully Obama want start bombing Assad in the meanwhile - ( But it is concerning that we moved a carrier group into the Red Sea - )


Kerry says that countries in the ME will pay for US combat actions against Syria. Is the US military being offered for sale to those Sunni nations with petro dollars but no capability to project military force?



Having grown up during the Cold War, I too find it disconcerting on some irrational emotional level that I find far more to admire in Putin than in Obama-Kerry on the issue of Syria.


I wonder how Kerry will break down the bill for the war to the noble sponsors - will he demand a fee on an hourly basis, or will he fee for services performed - bomb job, snow job ...


Mrs. Wasserman Shultz started her career as a life long politician at age 26. Born in NY are represeting a district that includes Miami Beach she is effectively a NY Jewish liberal. She has no experience outside partisan politics. She's now DNC chair. I'm sure Debbie's support for war will be good for DNC fundraising, at least in some quarters.


[WASHINGTON, DC] -- U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) met with Saudi Arabian Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir to discuss Syria and Iran. (photo caption, from May 2013)




I'm not suggesting anything untoward, this is simply the world of certain members of the political class, it's what they live and what they know. "Davos man" writ large or writ small, a million permutations.

Charles I

um, whatever will come now that was the last song of the show?

Charles I

there is nothing like old friends. Spent the July long weekend with my old camp buddies from a later 40 day canoe trip when I was 21, I was best man of my buddy. 4 guys one dog 2 canoes, a LOT of, er, comestibles. Survived a tornado took one canoe.

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