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06 September 2013


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I strongly committed to American support of South Vietnam’s independence against the North Vietnamese invasion because I believed that we then must have supported NATIONAL independence against COMMUNIST INTERNATIONALISM. Admittedly it had complicated a lot by the 1960s but until 1989, International Comunism was a reality that only got worse as it moved from one “revolutionary” target to another in the 3rd World.

By contrast, Global Islam is hot air. All it can engender is individuals to kill themselves while killing others as “shahids.” So, the best our intervention can accomplish is what we left behind in Iraq and will leave as we abandon Afghanistan. Both the Arab Spring and Arab Winter are Islamic seasons over which we can have no influence. The worst perpetrator of Mideast seasonal storms is Saudi Arabia. I do not see how we can service its interests any further, not it serve hours. Israel and Saudi Arabia must be denied the opportunity to use American blood and treasure to achieve Middle East dominance through horrific violence perpetrated by us in the name of “necocon” ex-commie propaganda. They served the CIA, the military industrial complex that Ike warned us about, and the war mongers in Israel that want us to shed our blood so they can dominate the region.

It is in that context that we must look at the current Syrian crisis. Above all, we must recognize the incompetence of our intel services. It is frightening that every personal detail of every American citizen’s privacy is acquired and stored, not by our Gov, but by what used to be a public relations firm, with high school drop outs at the keyboards who can seize upon any of that data for whatever purpose suits their fancy. With the PR Gen. Peteaus types in command and the kind of Vanilla Gorilla that Obama placed at the head of the CIA (not to speak of the head of the NSC, whose only claim to expertise was to have hung around a lot of C-Span videoed Wash DC foreign affairs conferences) we must recognize our limitations. Obama, it seems to me, has two choices: either to go down in history as a Black Bush or, like Stalin, to recognize his limitations and stand aside as world affairs unfold. For now, the Clinton/GW Bush ignoramus pomposity that came with the USSR’s demise has only robbed us of our “peace dividend” from having been the last one left standing. As a result, we are still staggering and seem more punch than ever. America suffered multiple TBI concussions and needs to recover before it becomes totally brain-dead. Syria is a mess a sick giant cannot afford to mess with. With balance and vision—not to speak of cognition—so impaired, it is time to call in sick on this occasion. Even giants get paid sick days to recover. We need them now desperately. All other details are irrelevant. But one thing must be kept clear. We are at this point severely COGNITIVELY IMPAIRED at the top. Obama can’t afford to be either a Black Clinton, foolishly and blindly invading the Balkans, nor a Black Bush, once again jumping into the Middle East opportunistically trying to get back the “Jewish vote.” Most Jews are America first and as such want their America in no way involved in Syria, despite the appalling practice of some rabbis to violate the sanctity of Rosh Hashanah Services telling the faithful to push for US bombing of Syria “because it is good for Israel.” This can only add fuel to the fire of anti-Semitism started by the strange story of Israeli Mossadists standing on a truck across the Hudson, cheering while the World Trade Center collapsed to the neocon insistence on ever more American boots in the Middle East, EXPLICITLY because that’s “good for Israel.” I know that Zionists deem all Jews that would not make the Aliyah to Israel permanently as “parasites” on the goyim, but that’s no excuse to fan the fires of American anti-Semitism, be it Arab or Israeli. All that we got from our military involvement in the Middle East since 9/11 is finger pointing between American groups is humiliation and mutual. IT IS TIME TO CALL IN SICK ON THIS ONE because we are and therefore can do no good!

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